The Patriot Post® · Endorsements, Coverage of Biden Reveal Damning Hypocrisy

By Nate Jackson ·

Democrats picked Joe Biden. Now they’re stuck with him. So we noted two weeks ago, and the situation has only gotten worse for Democrats. And yet the endorsements just keep rolling in. After Biden locked up support from all of his erstwhile primary rivals, his former boss, Barack Obama, finally joined the parade. This week, it’s party matriarchs Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

Tara Reade’s allegations that then-Senator Biden digitally penetrated her in 1993 have only gained steam with contemporaneous corroboration that she shared her claims. Reade certainly has far more evidence than Christine Blasey Ford — let alone Deborah Ramirez or Julie Swetnick — had in (falsely) accusing Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.

Hillary Clinton, who has been married to a credibly accused rapist for decades, threw her support behind Biden yesterday. “I’ve not only been a colleague of Joe Biden’s, I’ve been a friend,” Clinton said, “and I can tell you that I wish he were president right now, but I can’t wait until he is if all of us do our part.”

Pelosi likewise jumped on the Biden Bandwagon: “I’m proud to endorse Joe Biden for president of the United States because he will be an extraordinary president. He knows how to get the job done.”

Both woman remain mum on the allegations of sexual assault against Biden, despite leading the charge to smear Kavanaugh and generally spearheading the #MeToo movement.

Speaking of women, Biden has promised to pick one as his running mate. There are numerous possible choices, including Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Gretchen Whitmer, and Stacey Abrams. All of them have repeated various strains of the “believe all women” trope in the past, yet they remain remarkably silent or introspective regarding Biden. Abrams went so far as to smugly insist that Reade has been “heard” and that’s good enough. Not only is their response hypocritical, it feeds the stereotype feminists arguably hate most: that some women will do anything to advance their own careers under a man in power.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is probably not on Biden’s VP list, but she did offer, “I stand by [former] vice president Biden. He’s devoted his life to supporting women and he has vehemently denied this allegation.” Strangely, however, Kavanaugh’s vehement denials weren’t enough for her; she insisted on an FBI investigation.

Reade herself leveled both barrels at Clinton in particular, saying, “I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. I voted for her in the primary. I’m a lifelong Democrat. But yet what I see now is someone enabling a sexual predator, and it was my former boss, Joe Biden, who raped me. Hillary Clinton has a history of enabling powerful men to cover up their sexual predatory behaviors and their inappropriate sexual misconduct. We don’t need that for this country. We don’t need that for our new generation coming up that wants institutional rape culture to change.”

Astoundingly, Joe Biden has still not been asked on the record by any media outlet about these accusations. The Washington Free Beacon has a tally: “5 weeks, 19 interviews, and 142 questions with no mention of sexual assault claim.”

Meanwhile, Team Biden is preparing “talking points” that include regurgitating the eye-rolling claim that Biden “believes that all women have the right to be heard.” The team then hangs its hat on a piece by The New York Times that supposedly concludes “this incident did not happen.” The truth is the Times article was not only inconclusive — as the Times itself helpfully reminded Biden — but Team Biden helped edit the story after the fact. It was little more than an attempt to cover for and collaborate with the Democrat presidential candidate. That, in a nutshell, is why the unholy political union of the Democrat Party with the Leftmedia is the most dangerous current threat to American Liberty.


Addendum: To illustrate the hilarity of the hypocrisy, The Babylon Bee headlines: Judge Dismisses Sexual Assault Allegations Against Biden On Grounds That He Is Not A Republican.

Or, if you prefer, Biden Says He Doesn’t Recall Tara Reade Or Where He Is Or Why There’s A Bunch Of Reporters In Front Of Him.

Either way, that about sums it up.