The Patriot Post® · Obama Laments DOJ Dropping Flynn Case, Trump Hits 'Obamagate'

By Thomas Gallatin ·

The Justice Department dropped its case against Gen. Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security advisor, after documents revealed an FBI plot to entrap Flynn. That came amid increasing evidence from the recently released House testimony on the fake Russian dossier and Democrat claims of Russian election interference in 2016. Flynn was set up in order to take down Trump. In his testimony before the House, Barack Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, acknowledged: “I never saw any direct empirical evidence that the Trump campaign or someone in it was plotting [or] conspiring with the Russians to meddle with the election.”

Predictably, Obama decided to weigh in. Obama blasted the DOJ’s decision, claiming, “There is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free. That’s the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that basic — not just institutional norms — but our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk. And when you start moving in those directions, it can accelerate pretty quickly as we’ve seen in other places.” Obama is concerned about Rule of Law? Please. Besides, Flynn wasn’t charged with perjury. He was charged with lying to the FBI. (Somebody get Bill Clinton on the phone to explain perjury charges.)

On Sunday, Trump pointedly hit back at his predecessor by dubbing the recent FBI revelations as simply “OBAMAGATE!” Trump justifiably called the investigation into his campaign and the subsequent attempt to bring down his presidency “the biggest political crime in American history, by far!” He noted that Obama “used his last weeks in office to target incoming officials and sabotage the new administration.”

Indeed, these latest revelations make abundantly clear that the true threat to Rule of Law can be traced directly back to Obama. Specifically, it was the actions taken by members of his Justice Department, who smeared Trump’s 2016 campaign with the Russia-collusion hoax and then undermined his presidency after his surprise election victory.

In order to keep their nefarious plot covered up, Obama’s DOJ deep-state cabal needed to “get Flynn fired.” As Andrew McCarthy explains, “I think the best way to look at this is what the FBI and the Obama Administration wanted to do here was really audacious if you think about it in terms of the idea of trying to continue an investigation after a new president has come into power and is in a position to shut down the investigation — when the president ultimately is the target of the investigation.”

McCarthy further notes: “I think what happened specifically with General Flynn is that while the president brought in a lot of people into his original administration who had various types of expertise, he was kind of short on people with a lot of national security and foreign relations background. General Flynn was an exception. He had been the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, he knew how the FBI worked in conjunction with the intelligence community and it is inconceivable to me, if you wanted to continue an investigation of the president during the president’s administration, that they could have pulled that off with a sophisticated intelligence actor being the national security advisor and being loyal to the president.”

McCarthy also observes, “[Flynn] would necessarily have found out that they had investigated the Trump campaign. He would’ve found out, for example, that they were in the FISA court conducting surveillance on Trump campaign advisors. And he would’ve been able to figure out pretty easily that President Trump was the ultimate quarry that they had in connection with the investigation.”

As the most “scandal free” administration in U.S. history is being exposed for having instigated and orchestrated a political scandal that makes Watergate look like child’s play, a clearly worried Obama is doing his best spin job. As the paper trail of the insidious plot by Obama and members of his DOJ to undermine Trump’s presidency is being uncovered, Obama feigned concern about Rule of Law. It’s as disingenuous as the whole Russia-collusion hoax, but count on the Leftmedia dutifully running the propaganda.