The Patriot Post® · The Left's Growing Abuse of Government Power

By Harold Hutchison ·

As more is revealed about the origins of the investigation that led to the courtroom saga centering on former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, one conclusion is inescapably clear: Barack Obama’s administration misused the counterintelligence powers of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for political purposes.

The evidence has been piling up for some time. Just between the email Susan Rice wrote to herself on the day President Donald Trump took office, the oddly conducted interview with Flynn that had Sally Yates upset, or even the texts between Peter Strzok and his mistress, Lisa Page, the preponderance of the evidence tilts toward what has been suspected for a long time.

It’s not as if there weren’t other abuses that give Americans every reason to be outraged by the conduct of the Obama administration. The IRS targeting of the Tea Party, Operation Fast and Furious, and Operation Chokepoint from the federal government all took place on Obama’s watch — not to mention Joe Biden’s — at the federal level.

If only it were just the feds that were the problem. At the state level, we have seen state attorneys general threaten opponents of the “Green” agenda with RICO, the state of New York target the National Rifle Association, and the “John Doe” investigations that targeted grassroots conservatives in Wisconsin. The only “crime” present to predicate any of these investigations was opposition to the Left’s agenda. Those attacks may well have worked in 2018 and 2019 to flip close races and could have an effect in 2020.

There may be those, even those on the Right like David French, who will claim that this is not the case. His past writings on the abuses in Wisconsin (and the potential for governmental abuse of power that anyone who reads them would appreciate) are now ignored for the sake of #NeverTrump.

In the face of such obtuseness, who are we to believe — what we’re seeing with our own eyes and hearing with our own ears, or the pronouncements from those unable or unwilling to see what has happened? That just adds to a growing credibility gap that is already seeing conservatives look for leaders they can trust.

In 2020, the stakes are much higher. Joe Biden is running for president and has embraced a far-left agenda. Some might think he’s a “moderate,” but only in the sense that he’s not an out-and-out socialist. In addition, people should keep in mind, Joe Biden’s talk of “decency” is just a tossed salad of empty words. His actions — and failures to act — tell a much different story, particularly when he declares disagreement on some political issues to be a sign of lacking decency.

If anything, the seeming determination of the Swamp to maintain power combined with a sense that honest disagreement is beyond the bounds of decency means that a Biden presidency could make the Obama administration’s track record of abuse seem mild by comparison.