The Patriot Post® · Shock Jock Wants the Wrong Fundamental Transformation

By Nate Jackson ·

“I can’t breathe.” “I can’t breathe.” That’s how Joe Biden’s campaign began a long email this week that ended with a big button to “donate to elect Joe Biden.” And why not fundraise on racial strife? The protests and riots over George Floyd’s death have turned into a giant Democrat rally. That’s ironic, of course, given the Democrat Party’s sordid racial history and current race-baiting, but it’s also as predictable as the sun coming up each day. After all, if you don’t vote Biden, he says, “You ain’t black.”

Which brings us to the radio shock jock to whom Biden made that remark. Lenard Larry McKelvey is a Jehovah’s Witness-turned-Muslim who hosts “The Breakfast Club” and goes by the bizarre moniker Charlamagne tha God — “tha God” because it “sounded cool” and “Charlamagne” as a riff on his former pseudonym as a drug dealer.

Charlamagne criticized Biden this week, saying, “Biden’s record in the Senate actually reflects very racist legislation, but he has a chance to correct that by doing right by black people.” Despite Biden’s record on various crime bills that Charlamagne and many blacks blame for “mass incarceration” of blacks (including Charlamagne), the radio host wants Biden to be more like LBJ. “Lyndon B. Johnson may have been labeled a racist but his record doesn’t reflect that,” Charlamagne asserted. “LBJ’s record showed that he had, like, the most effective progressive record on race and class of any Democratic president of the past 80 years.”

Let’s pause here for station identification. LBJ is the guy who said that his “Great Society” programs — aimed at keeping blacks dependent on the federal government — would “have those ni**ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

Biden’s “you ain’t black” comments are in exactly the same racist vein. Treating blacks like they can’t help themselves and need government to intervene is every bit as racist as anything spewed by a white supremacist. Yet the paternalistic system Democrats built to transition from slavery to Jim Crow to welfare has indeed yielded a black population that votes Democrat upwards of 90% of the time. This frustrating groupthink is something our own Patrick Hampton and Willie Richardson endeavor to break. Democrats run the very cities and neighborhoods now being destroyed and looted by the same people who receive lavish federal benefits that they apparently find insufficient because many blacks want $14 trillion in “reparations.”

Charlamagne let the cat out of the bag, however, when he revealed the Left’s real agenda: “The whole system needs to be dismantled and rebuilt.” Black Lives Matter, as an organization, is a collection of Marxist-inspired radicals who want to, as one great “racial healer” put it, “fundamentally transform the United States of America.”

Even though Charlamagne admitted that Biden has been “a very intricate part of that system,” he added, “I need him to really lean into blackness now.”

President Donald Trump responded with a hilarious jab: “In 3 ½ years, I’ve done much more for our Black population than Joe Biden has done in 43 years. Actually, he set them back big time with his Crime Bill, which he doesn’t even remember.”

We long for our fellow Americans of a different melanin level to aim for real change. It’s true; there is real racism out there, and inner-city blacks face hurdles suburban whites can’t understand. Even so, many of the solutions begin in their own homes. Government checks are no substitute for fathers married to mothers. Yet ever since LBJ enacted his black-vote agenda, blacks have gone from having a 25% out-of-wedlock birth rate to one that is roughly 75%. Whites and Hispanics have significant increases over that same span, as well, meaning this is a government problem, not a race problem.

We’ve spent trillions of dollars on inner cities, yet the vast majority of crime happens in those neighborhoods — which is the reason for the heavy presence of police. Until the black community can reclaim the structure of family units and restore fathers to homes, this will continue. No amount of government will change it. In fact, that is the system that needs dismantling.