The Patriot Post® · Leftmedia Creates Dubious Victim Narratives While Smearing Cops

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Much of the mainstream media and the political class no longer care for nor believe in truth these days, at least not when the truth doesn’t confirm the “social justice” narrative. This reality has been typified by the MSM reporting surrounding the death of Rayshard Brooks, the black man who died while fighting and resisting arrest for a DUI.

For leftist politicians and their Leftmedia cohorts, the only two relevant facts are that he was a black man and he was killed by police. Both facts serve only to confirm their predetermined narrative of the U.S. being a country rife with “systemic racism.”

Yesterday, we concluded that Brooks’s death did not bare almost any resemblance to the unjust death of George Floyd. The two are not the same. But, as predictable as rain in a thunderstorm, the narrative being spun by the Left is that they are essentially the same.

As former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams ridiculously asserted, “Sleeping in a drive-thru must not end in death.” No, but resisting arrest, fighting with cops, taking one of their tasers, attempting to flee, turning and shooting at one of the cops — now that can get you killed.

CBS News ran a story entitled, “Who is Rayshard Brooks, 27-year-old black man killed by Atlanta police?” The article paints a sympathetic picture of Brooks as a doting father whose life was taken by a police officer who has been fired and is under investigation. Brooks may have indeed been a doting father, but he also had a rap sheet that included, among others, charges of cruelty to children. In any case, those details are essentially beside the point when investigating the events that led to his death. So why does the Leftmedia highlight only some of them?

The answer is simple: “social justice.” The neo-Marxist roots from which the social-justice ideology springs intentionally divides the world into two basic groups — the oppressors (the bad guys) and the oppressed or the victims (the good guys). Using this overly simplistic dynamic, everything is categorized into one of these two groups. “White privilege” (oppressor class), “persons of color” (victim class), law enforcement (oppressor class), blacks killed by law enforcement (victim class), and on and on and on.

For the social-justice activists like Black Lives Matter to make headway with their ultimate objective of fundamentally transforming the U.S. into a socialist society, any details or nuances that fail to support the narrative of “systemic racism” are either ignored or excused as “victim blaming.” Even the details of the incident itself fade into the greater milieu of the “cause.”

The truth — that Brooks is the one primarily responsible for the events leading to his own death — is at best denied or at worst used as “evidence” that someone is enjoying “white privilege.” The two officers who responded to the 911 call that day were not out on the war path looking for a black man to gun down; just the opposite, in fact. They put on that uniform to serve their fellow man by enforcing the law. Where is that narrative in the MSM? Where are the stories of police officers risking their lives day in and day out as they work to make our world a better place? Where are the stories of the grueling impact this very difficult job has on them and their families? Instead, these good guys are repeatedly smeared by leftist politicians and the MSM as oppressors and “part of the problem.”