The Patriot Post® · Trump Withdraws U.S. From WHO

By Thomas Gallatin ·

President Donald Trump made good on his threat to remove the United States from its association with the World Health Organization on Tuesday. Back in May, Trump cut U.S. funding from the WHO while “redirecting those funds to other worldwide and deserving urgent global public health needs.” In doing so, he cited the WHO’s efforts to cover for China’s responsibility in unleashing and then attempting to cover its tracks regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recall last month, when the House GOP released a report finding the WHO complicit in helping the Chinese Communist Party in that COVID-19 cover-up. As the report observed, “It is highly likely the ongoing pandemic could have been prevented. As such, it is incumbent upon the United States and likeminded WHO Member States to ensure the accountability and reforms necessary to prevent the CCP’s malfeasance from giving rise to a third pandemic during the 21st century.”

Trump has followed through with the report’s recommendations to hold the WHO accountable, much to the chagrin of Democrats who clearly see this president as a greater threat than communist China. “To call Trump’s response to COVID chaotic & incoherent doesn’t do it justice,” Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) lamented on social media, adding, “This won’t protect American lives or interests — it leaves Americans sick & America alone.”

No, Bob, Americans have China’s malfeasance and the WHO’s complicity to thank for the deaths of thousands, both here and around the world.

Meanwhile, bunker-hunkered Joe Biden sought to throw shade on Trump, vacuously asserting despite evidence to the contrary that “Americans are safer when America is engaged in strengthening global health. On my first day as President, I will rejoin the WHO and restore our leadership on the world stage.”

Ironically, Biden doesn’t seem to recognize that Trump is in fact leading on the world stage, rather than leading from behind. Trump’s foreign-policy actions are what real leadership looks like: first issuing a stern warning, and then having the commitment and fortitude to follow through when those warnings aren’t heeded. The Obama-Biden approach is, of course, to draw red lines and then fail to act when they’re crossed.

This formal withdrawal process takes a year before it becomes finalized, but the move itself indicates that President Trump has once again put America’s interests first.

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