The Patriot Post® · Harris Stokes Fear Over 'GOP Voter Suppression'

By Brian Mark Weber ·

Democrats are up to their usual, tired tricks again. Instead of focusing on reality, they’re blaming President Donald Trump and the Republicans for problems that don’t exist.

“Republicans are once again doing everything in their power to suppress and attack the voting rights of people of color,” warns Kamala Harris in a Washington Post op-ed. “They are deploying suppressive voter ID laws, racial gerrymandering, voter roll purges, precinct closures and reduced early-voting days — all of which have been laser-targeted toward communities of color since the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013.”

As Ronald Reagan used to say to his political opponents, “There you go again.”

Democrats are obviously getting nervous as left-wing rioters set Democrat-run cities ablaze. They need a scapegoat.

There are many falsehoods and mischaracterizations in Harris’s comments, but overall, she’s trying to convince voters that America has never been more racist and sexist.

Let’s just take a few of her points and explain why she’s so wrong.

The Voting Rights Act served its purpose in the 1960s: to address significant racial disparity in voting. Racial discrimination remains illegal despite leftist fearmongering over the Supreme Court’s 2013 ruling, and there’s no evidence of widespread voter suppression today.

Another Harris claim is that voter ID laws are “racist.” But these laws simply ensure that someone casting a ballot is the same person registered to vote. We have to show proper ID for all sorts of things. Why not to vote? We all know the reason.

Harris is right about one point: Voter rolls are being purged, but this isn’t designed to remove black Americans from the rolls. Instead, state officials make sure rolls include the names of eligible voters. This year Judicial Watch sued the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to remove more than 800,000 ineligible voters from that state’s rolls.

That’s a problem for Democrats who sometimes like to make sure those who pass away or move away keep voting for years to come.

Harris went on to complain, “[Republicans] are spreading misinformation about voting by mail — a safe and secure voting option — and they have been caught trying to politicize the U.S. Postal Service. Meanwhile, the president himself has already requested a mail-in ballot this year and encouraged his supporters to do the same.”

For the record, the president and first lady requested absentee ballots, a far more secure way of voting than blanket unrequested mail-in ballots, which open the door for widespread fraud. Harris and the Democrats always conflate absentee ballots with mail-in voting. But they’re not the same. Any attempt to verify a voter’s identity is framed as discriminatory.

Meanwhile, Harris may speak of empowering women, but there’s one group of people she and Joe Biden want to keep away from the voting booth: conservative, pro-life women.

As Penny Young Nance and Kay C. James remind us, “Today, some women are still treated as unequal. Not treated as unequal to men, but as unequal to other women. The fact is, many on the left want to exclude pro-life women from this year’s milestone celebration of the success of the suffragists. They bristle at the thought of us having an equal claim to the women’s rights movement.”

In reality, many of the women suffragists who worked hard to secure voting rights would be appalled at the modern American feminist who believes in abortion on demand and rejects family and faith.

But don’t expect Harris to ever fight for the votes of these “deplorable” women. She’s too busy stoking racial animosity over phony partisan charges.