The Patriot Post® · Trump Admin Takes on 1619 Project

By Lewis Morris ·

There’s some good news this week in the battle against leftist propaganda in our public schools. President Donald Trump announced Sunday that the Department of Education is looking into public schools using the New York Times’s 1619 Project, the paper’s fact-free, racist revisionist history of the founding of America.

Responding to California’s implementing the 1619 Project in public schools, Trump said, “Department of Education is looking at this. If so, they will not be funded!”

It didn’t take long for the project’s lead propagandist, Nikole Hannah-Jones, to weigh in: “Do those concerns about cancel culture and McCarthyism and censorship only apply to the left or do they apply to the POTUS threatening to investigate schools for teaching American journalism? Silence is deafening here.”

Equating the 1619 Project to American journalism is laughable, as is accusing Trump of engaging in cancel culture to stop lies from being spread in America’s schools.

The 1619 Project won a Pulitzer Prize earlier this year, a fact that the Times and Hannah-Jones like to remind everyone about when the project comes under scrutiny for its multitude of factual inaccuracies and blatant anti-Americanism. But Pulitzer Prizes are generally awarded by a closed circle of leftist activists posing as journalists anyway.

For review, the 1619 Project rewrites history to claim that America was truly founded in 1619, the year the first slaves arrived in the British colonies. It goes on to claim that America is a fundamentally and irredeemably racist country that was founded to enhance the slave trade in the Western Hemisphere. Published historians of all stripes have denounced the 1619 Project for its wild historical inaccuracies.

This hasn’t stopped public school systems around the country from adding the 1619 Project to their academic curriculum. As one might imagine, most of these schools are in cities and states controlled by Democrats.

Shining a light on the propaganda tool that is the 1619 Project is the latest step in the Trump administration’s actions to push back against the Left’s use of government agencies to spread its message of hate and division.

On Friday, White House Office of Management and Budget Director Russell Vought announced that the Trump administration has ordered an end to conducting “critical race theory” training at federal agencies. Critical race theory is rooted in Marxist philosophy and claims that white supremacy and racist thought is integrated into American social, economic, and political structures.

What leftists don’t want you to know about critical race theory and the 1619 Project is that these philosophies are inherently racist themselves. They make a broad-based assumption about a group of people, in this case white Americans, based on stereotypes that adhere to leftist thought and then structure their entire philosophy around that assumption.

Academic and media leftists will continue to defend the 1619 Project and attempt to use taxpayer money to convince taxpayers that they are all evil racists. Fortunately, the Trump administration has vowed to end this nonsense of using our tax dollars to pay for leftist propaganda.