The Patriot Post® · Social Media Censors Are Propping Up Joe Biden

By Douglas Andrews ·

It’s one thing when the censors come for the bombshell stories. Here on the Right, we’ve almost come to expect it. But Big Tech shows its true colors — and its deep desperation — when it stoops to stifle Christian satire.

So it was last week, when Twitter raced to restrict the viral spread of a news story with potentially devastating consequences for the Biden campaign, and when Facebook demonetized the Christian political satirists at The Babylon Bee for having had some utterly harmless fun with Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono. With the former, again, we almost expected the censorship. We didn’t like it one bit, but we didn’t think it beneath Twitter and its treacherous CEO, Jack Dorsey, to do whatever it takes to help prop up Joe Biden.

As for The Babylon Bee, though, just how lily-livered can Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook jackboots be? Are they really that terrified of Christian satire? Do they really think a headline saying “Senator Hirono Demands ACB Be Weighed Against A Duck To See If She Is A Witch” is a call to violence? Because that’s exactly what Zuckerberg and his fellow book-burners are claiming.

As Jordan Davidson reports, “The Bee’s CEO Seth Dillon announced the demonetization on Tuesday in a tweet, claiming that the big tech company pulled down the article based on a regurgitated joke from a Monty Python movie. … ‘They say this article "incites violence.” It’s literally a regurgitated joke from a Monty Python movie!’“

Kyle Mann, the Bee’s editor-in-chief, mused, "We’re having trouble coming up with a satirical headline more absurd than ‘Satire Site Demonetized for Telling Joke About Weighing Judge Against a Duck to See if She Is a Witch.’”

Here, the damage done is limited. But last week, Facebook joined with Twitter to keep a lid on an explosive story from the New York Post — one whose allegations of influence peddling and corrupt self-enrichment have caused the Biden crime family to head for their bunker.

“In case there was any doubt that Facebook and Twitter are corruptly partisan,” wrote the Post’s Miranda Devine, “the social-media giants censored The Post’s story Wednesday on Hunter Biden’s e-mails suggesting he took cash for access to his father, Joe Biden. The bombshell exclusive was trending all Wednesday morning on social media platforms until Big Tech stepped in to run protection for the Democratic presidential candidate.”

We’ve since learned that one of those emails refers to a payout from Chinese energy executives for “H,” who we know is Hunter Biden, and another payout for “the big guy,” who sources say is Joe Biden himself. We also learned last night that the FBI is in custody of Hunter Biden’s laptop computer as part of a money-laundering investigation and that Biden is alleged to have stored child pornography on that laptop. And we’ve learned all this despite the best efforts of Big Tech.

But in addition to serving as a Praetorian Guard for Joe Biden, the social media giants are also doing their worst to silence our nation’s president. As the Media Research Center reported Monday, “Twitter and Facebook have censored the president’s social media accounts and the accounts belonging to his re-election campaign at least 65 times. In contrast, the companies have not censored former Vice President and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his campaign accounts. At all.”

On October 9, Twitter also added complexity to its “retweet” function in an effort to slow the spread of information.

As of this writing, the Bee seems to have recovered its footing. But the New York Post, the nation’s oldest continuously published newspaper and its fourth-largest in terms of circulation, is still locked out of its Twitter account, even though not a sentence of its reporting on the Hunter Biden story has been shown to be false. Still locked out, still in Twitter prison, seven days after it broke a story of corruption and influence peddling that goes straight to Joe “The Big Guy” Biden.

Make no mistake: Media bias is a threat to our republic. And this media desperately wants Bernie Lomax, er, Joe Biden to win on November 3 — so much so that they’ll do anything they can to prop up his carcass and drag it across the finish line.