The Patriot Post® · Joe Biden Is Unfit for the Presidency

By Douglas Andrews ·

Pretty much everything has already been written, and written, and written about The Choice, including an excellent summation yesterday by our Nate Jackson. And if you’re reading this, it’s nigh impossible that you haven’t already committed to darkening an oval for President Donald J. Trump.

But if you know someone who’s still torn about whether to reward our occasionally off-putting president with four more years, this column is for her.

In the simplest terms, one of these two men has proven himself capable of handling the demands of the world’s toughest job, and the other one hasn’t. That’s not a medical opinion, but it doesn’t need to be. Rather, it’s the opinion of any honest observer who’s watched the two candidates closely during the past few months and has seen one of them run circles around the other.

Joe Biden simply isn’t the man he was when he first ran for president more than 30 years ago. And he isn’t the man he was when Barack Obama tabbed him as his VP a dozen years ago. He was 65 then, and he was eligible for Social Security. He’s 77 now, and he looks and sounds and behaves like a man a decade older than that. In fact, if Biden wins this election, he’ll be older when he takes office than our oldest-ever president, Ronald Reagan, was when he left office after serving two full terms. Let that sink in.

It’s not a slight or a smear to say Biden isn’t the man he used to be; to deny the truth of this statement is folly, even madness. In fact, it’s fair to suggest that Biden is, objectively, the least equipped candidate — both physically and mentally — that either major party has fielded in modern American history.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a force of nature. He’s like no other septuagenarian anywhere, and the pace of his closing campaign has proven it.

Take Sunday night, for example. It was anything but a day of rest for the 74-year-old Trump, who held campaign rallies in Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. In the last of these, in Opa-Locka, he took the stage just before midnight and was riffing with the crowd until just before 1 a.m. On Monday, he held five more rallies: one in Fayetteville, North Carolina; one in Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania; one in northern lower Michigan’s Traverse City; one across Lake Michigan in Kenosha, Wisconsin; and a final one back across the lake in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In all, the president finished his reelection campaign with a remarkable 14 rallies in seven states in three days.

Of course, there’s more to the American presidency than mere campaigning. But an astonishingly vigorous campaign schedule isn’t nothing, nor is a president’s willingness to sit for lengthy interviews and take questions from an inquisitive and even hostile press. The latter has been a hallmark of President Donald Trump’s first term in office.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, has hidden himself from the press and from the American people, sequestering himself in his basement for days in a row and routinely calling an end to his days’ activities and his availability well before noon. Even his running mate, California Senator Kamala Harris, has been shockingly unavailable to the media.

Here again, Biden’s candidacy is unprecedented. Never before has a major party’s presidential nominee made himself so unavailable to the people and the press for such a prolonged period of time. Two weeks ago, the New York Post broke a story about the Biden family’s influence peddling and enrichment schemes in Ukraine, communist China, and elsewhere. The Post’s reporting was supported by the existence of a laptop computer belonging to Biden’s son, Hunter — a laptop whose deeply compromising contents have never been seriously challenged. In addition, the Post’s reporting was supported by detailed first-person testimony from a compelling and credible Biden business associate.

And yet Joe Biden never answered for any of this — at least not beyond a ridiculous claim that the entire affair was part of a “Russian smear campaign.” His refusal to answer serious questions about his business dealings with our nation’s foremost geopolitical foe, China, and the mainstream media’s utter refusal to pursue the story or hold the candidate to account are without parallel in American history. Biden has, effectively, run out the clock in his campaign for the presidency.

In the days ahead, we’ll learn whether this weak and deeply flawed man has, with the help of a conspiring and complicit press, succeeded in duping the American people. If so, our republic is much the worse for it.