The Patriot Post® · Leftists Preparing Assault on the Second Amendment

By Michael Swartz ·

While recent events have sown the seed of electoral doubt, it’s clear that Patriots should consider a timeless mantra: “Pray for the best, but prepare for the worst.” In the case of the Second Amendment, the worst would be a victory for the media-anointed winners, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

Back in August, our Mark Alexander warned of the prospects of this ticket should it be victorious. While Biden tried at times to run away from the leftmost elements of his party, his party’s platform is likely only the beginning of its leftward lurch. (As the top… eh, we mean bottom of the ticket, Harris could be more open with her party’s intentions, although she had a lot of ideas of her own during her abortive Oval Office run.) Biden, for his part, took the platform paragraph Democrats had devoted to making the streets safe for criminals everywhere and turbocharged it with additional agenda items, such as mandating “smart” guns, eliminating “ghost guns,” and prohibiting the use of federal funds to arm educators, to name just a few.

Biden’s “frontal assault on this individual right” is well-defined by the NRA’s Frank Miniter, who adds that Biden “also wants to nominate judges who would rule that the Second Amendment is just kidding when it says ‘the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.’”

Miniter’s point on the judiciary is well-taken. While President Donald Trump has done his level best to fill every vacancy in our federal courts and shore up a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, Day One of a Biden administration will also be the first day on which the courts could begin tilting back in a negative direction. While SCOTUS seems secure for now thanks in part to the recent confirmation of Second Amendment friend Amy Coney Barrett, bear in mind that behind 82-year-old Stephen Breyer — who would likely retire shortly after Biden is inaugurated to ensure his leftist replacement — the next two oldest justices are Clarence Thomas (72) and Samuel Alito (70). If we’re unfortunate enough that Biden gets to replace three members of SCOTUS, that 6-3 (or is it 5-4?) conservative majority could swing to a 5-4 leftist Court once again.

On the other hand, a strong Republican showing in House elections and the reasonable likelihood of a GOP-controlled Senate pending January’s Georgia runoffs would make the Biden gun grab more difficult. What’s more, 2022 redistricting could cause moderate Democrats to align with the GOP and provide just enough opposition to thwart the Brady Bunch.

Unfortunately, even with SCOTUS and the courts in good shape for the moment, and a likely congressional bottleneck, Biden will still have options. To paraphrase his old boss, Barack Obama, he has a pen and a phone. Don’t be surprised if he and his handlers use them early and often.

As Alexander concluded back in August, “It will be a pitched battle to defend the Second Amendment under a Biden-Harris regime, as Democrats long ago betrayed their solemn oaths ‘to support and defend’ our Constitution and the Rule of Law. And if American Patriots don’t get their ground game together now, that will be the battle we face.”

Should Biden prevail in this still-disputed election, it will be our duty to resist as we can, knowing that law enforcement is also reticent to send their personnel on a “suicide mission” of gun confiscation. Short of that, however, there’s a lot of damage that still can be done to our Second Amendment rights.