The Patriot Post® · The Left Is Guilty as Charged

By Harold Hutchison ·

If one thing has become clear in the five-plus years since Donald Trump first announced his campaign for the presidency, it’s that the Left has unequivocally revealed its true colors. In fact, in the battle over the 2020 election, one pattern of conduct by leftists is a fundamental admission of doing everything they’ve ever been accused of by grassroots Patriots.

What pattern is that? Let’s start with the way Big Tech has handled the evidence-backed claims of both voter fraud and failing to follow the rules. Even though the red flags are obvious to experienced fraud investigators and casual observers alike, Big Tech has been gaslighting the American people for nearly a month over this issue via censorship. If, for example, we wanted to examine or share the complaints filed by former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, we’d see the websites that hosted those complaints labeled as “dangerous sites.”

It’s a pattern of behavior that mirrors the treatment of a certain bombshell story recently reported by the New York Post and then systematically suppressed by Big Tech.

Next, we see the targeted harassment of lawyers who were representing the Trump campaign. One firm, Porter Wright, dropped its representation of the president altogether. The loathsome Lincoln Project vowed to target others intent on determining how badly the integrity of this election was compromised.

Even the alternative news outlets are being targeted. One America News Network was demonetized by Google. Parler is now the target of media hit pieces. CNN is going after Newsmax. All this is happening as these platforms are giving grassroots Patriots new voices while Fox News increasingly lets them down.

The common theme is plain to see: The establishment is trying to reassert control by going after upstart alternative news sources. In the early years of the Internet, these media and tech powers had it easy. The only conservative voices they needed to worry about at the time were those permitted by gatekeepers such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN.

But the combination of talk radio, Fox News, and a vibrant Internet broke that paradigm. And the establishment hates it, because deep down, it knows it loses a fair fight on the field of ideas. The establishment knows it can’t beat the NRA in an honest debate, so New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his ilk have been abusing power with the express intent to silence other voices. The same goes for past attacks on Gab, the current bans and censorship of social media, and even the dismissive rants of Old Media. To say that these leftist powers are frightened of having their bankruptcy of ideas revealed is a charitable explanation.

There’s also a less charitable explanation, one that fits the rhetoric we’ve been hearing from the Left. The pattern of censorship confirms what people like Kurt Schlichter and Dennis Prager have been saying for years: The Left hates our guts, thinks we don’t deserve to be heard, and is intent on destroying those of us with the courage to speak out.

Either way, these actions are an admission that the Left is afraid to discuss the issues of the day in good faith. That admission should speak volumes.