The Patriot Post® · Nazis Everywhere

By Lewis Morris ·

Americans have a shockingly low history IQ, with a low percentage of adults not possessing even basic knowledge of the country and its founding. One would be hard-pressed to find a person on the street who can name the country’s first president. Or who fought in World War II. Or who won it, for that matter. But everyone seems to know a lot about Nazis.

Former President Donald Trump and the people who voted for him are routinely labeled as Nazis in the American media. It has become a charge that is repeated so often that it’s hardly even challenged anymore. Leftmedia apparatchiks like Jonathan Chait post fabricated chronicles about how Trump introduced Nazism into the Republican Party, and those who don’t know better are left to simply believe his supposition unquestioned. Trump brought Nazis into the Republican Party? Of course not. But few are questioning that this actually took place. They merely ponder how he supposedly did it.

Even our current president, Joe Biden, Mr. Unity himself, has labeled Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley as “part of the big lie.” That’s an implicit reference to a statement attributed to Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels that people will believe a lie, no matter how big, if you tell it often enough. This is ironic considering how the Left is throwing around the terms Nazi and fascist lately.

There are a couple of big lies being floated in the American media, but neither has anything to do with how the Republican Party was supposedly hijacked by Nazis, or how Trump was supposedly the second coming of Adolf Hitler.

The first big lie is about fascism itself, and it’s based on a completely false view of the political spectrum. This view, embraced by a vast majority of pundits and educators, is that fascism is a far-right ideology, while communism is on the far left. According to this view, totalitarian control lays at both ends of the spectrum, with humble Liberty-loving folks in the center. This is not true. On the real political spectrum, the far left is dominated by totalitarian control, regardless of how it’s packaged. The far right is a complete absence of control (anarchy). Responsible self-government exists somewhere in between.

How is it that so many people have a completely erroneous view of the political spectrum? It started before World War II, when communist apologists in the Western media searched for a way to create daylight between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in order to engender sympathy for the latter and derision for the former. In reality, there was no big difference between Joseph Stalin and Hitler or how they ran their countries. They both ruled over their citizens with an iron fist, maintained complete control over their economies and industries, and sought to expand their power through military means. The only difference was in how they conducted their parades.

Theirs was a turf war, not an ideological one.

Yet the lie about fascism being a far-right ideology has stuck ever since, and now it’s being used to bolster another big lie — that Donald Trump and his followers are fascists. Follow the twisted logic for a moment. Republicans are on the right side of the political spectrum, therefore rabid Republicans must be fascists, because fascists are on the extreme right.

Wrong. Republicans and conservatives are on the right side of the political spectrum because they want constitutionally limited government, not unbridled government. Fascists want total government control of approved private enterprise. If Trump were a true fascist, then he’s the worst fascist in modern history. He cut hundreds of government regulations to shrink the reach of the federal bureaucracy. He’s the first president in recent memory to go through an entire term without bringing America into a new war. And he spent much of his foreign policy capital fostering peace treaties and trade deals with other nations.

Yet the media has condemned Trump as a fascist in the court of public opinion, and leftists everywhere are hoping that this second sham impeachment trial will finally prove it to the public for all time. Their lie has become so big that many Republicans have parroted this view, demonstrating more interest in saving their political hides than standing up against the tide of ignorance. Even former California Governor and sometime Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger bought the line about Trump as a Nazi. And Schwarzenegger’s father actually was a Nazi. You’d think at least he’d know the difference.

Leftists had to defeat Donald Trump by any means necessary because he stood between them and greater power. They lied, cajoled, browbeat, stuffed ballot boxes, and engaged in all manner of dirty deeds to achieve that aim, because they insisted he was the fascist. The trouble is, their behavior is exactly what real fascists do.