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Editor’s Note: Each week we received hundreds of comments and correspondences — and we read every one of them. What follows are a few though-provoking comments about specific articles. The views expressed herein don’t necessarily reflect those of The Patriot Post.

Re: “CBO Says $15 Minimum Wage Will Cost 1.4M Jobs

“If the minimum wage is raised to $15/hour, you won’t find a job unless you can find someone who is willing to pay you that much. I well remember the frustration of trying to get a job right out of high school just after a minimum wage hike of 20% was announced. It will be much worse with this much larger proposal, especially since the current regime wants to permit vast numbers of new foreign trespassers into the country to compete with the native-born graduates of our frequently dismal inner-city schools.” —Paul (Minnesota)

Re: “‘Going Postal’ to Undermine Election Integrity

“I fear that Democrat-controlled states will make mail-in voting permanent for all elections and that there will be no efforts made to verify the integrity of those "votes.” Mail-in votes should be strictly limited only to those who request mail-in ballots and should be checked to verify their registration, age, and residence eligibility. There should be equal numbers of registered Republican and Democrat ballot counters. All ballot counting should be done before surveillance cameras. “Ballot counting machines” should have their totals verified by independent forensic audits before any vote counts are certified.“ —Jerome (Illinois)

Re: ”Biden’s Military Gender Denial Agenda

"Lloyd Austin’s order to stand down is a preview to military sedition. The military will act as a pawn for Joe Biden to lead the U.S. onto the Road to Serfdom. It shall be a CCP and PLAN proxy to directly rule the citizens of this republic out of the reach of the Constitution and put them into the role of subjects. During my 45-year association with the Navy, there has never been such a blatant act of disobedience and disrespect to the Constitution than what occurred last week. Who defines: ‘extremists’? Is it even a term in the UCMJ? IMO this is an extension of the purge begun by Barack Obama, only this time, the end result won’t be just a reduction in the military preparedness. This will be an all-out takeover
by Marxists.” —Bernard (Massachusetts)

Re: “The ‘Clean Electric Vehicle’ Fairy Tale

“Research 40 years ago showed that even discounting all the manufacture and disposal, the actual pollution per mile is less with a gas powered vehicle than an electric one that was charged with a coal fired plant. If we lived in the day where there were true ‘investigative reporters’, it would be reported to the point the public would actually know this.” —KC (Texas)

“One of the reasons leftists love electric vehicles is control: If you only have to control a handful of electric power suppliers, a lot of things are easier. Leftists also seem to me to be all about the style or impression — virtue signaling. Actual science and debate is not seemingly appreciated. Lastly, I would say that though we should practice conservation, it is incredibly egotistical to think that mortal man’s impact on the God’s green earth exceeds the ability of the earth to overcome. The same is true of our ability to alter the climate.” —Mitchell (Michigan)