The Patriot Post® · Kamala Harris Prepping to Take Over?

By Thomas Gallatin ·

It’s the question everyone in Washington and across both sides of the political aisle is asking — some more quietly than others: “How long will Joe Biden last as president?” As we noted previously, the most recent example is the letter from three dozen House Democrats calling for Biden to give up sole authority over the nation’s nuclear arsenal. But wait … there’s more.

Further evidence that questions are swirling over Biden’s longevity, especially given his recent disastrous town hall, comes courtesy of a Politico article noting that Harris’s role has quickly expanded into taking the lead in communicating with foreign leaders and dignitaries. While the reason is supposedly that Biden simply wants to help Harris gain experience, Democrat-friendly Politico pointedly observes, “Another, more strategic reason for the encouragement: as the heir apparent to the Democratic Party — especially if Biden, who is 78 years old, doesn’t run for re-election — Harris needs to bulk up her foreign policy expertise, and fast.” Four years for Ole Joe is a generous assumption. In reality, it may be far less than that.

The Spectator’s Kate Andrews observes, “Harris is more than a spare spokesperson for the administration. She’s active in policy formation and delivery. The party’s keyholders only whisper it, but no one is banking on a second Joe Biden term — not even Biden himself. It’s hardly a secret that Harris has presidential ambitions. The question is, what is her vision for the country — and will Americans endorse it?”

And here’s another question: What can Americans expect from a (likely sooner rather than later) Harris presidency?

One thing that will change is the energy level from the Leftmedia. The press corp is often embarrassed by Bumbling Biden’s clearly diminishing acuity, but it would suddenly and vociferously praise and celebrate Harris as a messianic figure. With Biden no longer giving it heartburn, the Leftmedia would be free to celebrate the first female president, highlighting her ethnic minority status, while labeling any criticism of her policy decisions as personal attacks due to her sex and race.

More importantly, remember that Harris was the most leftist of all Senators by voting record. Biden has been carpet-bombing America with executive orders and actions, demonstrating that he is anything but a moderate Democrat. Policy-wise, however, Harris would be even worse (though one can’t help but wonder if she’s already running the Oval Office). She would instantly become the “woke” face of the radically leftist Democrat Party.

What remains to be seen is how easily Harris will be able to distance herself from her record as California’s top prosecutor. It’s a record rife with heavy-handed abuse, disproportionally affecting black Americans. We’d guess it’ll be fairly easy with a sycophantic Leftmedia to sweep all that down the memory hole.