The Patriot Post® · Minneapolis Braces for Chauvin Trial

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Jury selection for the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin begins March 8. He’s charged with second-degree murder in the death of George Floyd last May while arresting him. The infamous event was caught on video and launched a summer of violent and deadly Black Lives Matter protests and riots. And due to that summer of unrest, violence, burning, looting, and dozens of deaths nationwide, Minneapolis is fearful and preparing for more.

The Minnesota Reformer reports, “The area around the downtown Minneapolis courthouse where Derek Chauvin will soon go on trial for the murder of George Floyd is gradually taking on the look of military occupation. Concrete barriers, boarded-up windows and barbed wire clad the buildings. A security force of 2,000 National Guard troops and 1,100 outstate police officers will soon be on patrol.”

The New York Post adds, “[Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey] said as many as 3,000 law enforcement personnel could be deployed — including city, county and state police — before the case goes to a jury.” So much for that “defund the police” narrative. When those in power want to actually have a show of force to keep the peace, they have little issue making it so.

The real focus of this trial outside Chauvin himself should be the actions of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who has clearly aimed to turn this into a political spectacle. First of all, not only does Ellison have access to more than 130 attorneys employed by his office, but he has gone out and appointed four private-practice attorneys to support the state’s case. On the other side, Chauvin is represented by one criminal defense attorney with no other known outside help.

More importantly, for Ellison, this is not about real justice at all; it’s about “social justice.” This is a chance to put “white America” on trial, to charge and declare the entire nation guilty of systemic racism. And the fall guy is Chauvin, whom Ellison as well as Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Frey have repeatedly declared as guilty. So much for innocent until proven guilty.

As we have contended in the past, Ellison has overcharged Chauvin, making the prospect of conviction far from a given. Then, should the state fail to convict, Ellison and the “social justice” Left will spin the narrative as yet more “evidence” of their false “systemic racism” claims, and the BLM mob will be ready. It’s a win-win for Ellison no matter the outcome.