The Patriot Post® · In Brief: Stop Saying 'Mom' & 'Dad'

By Political Editors ·

An elite Episcopal Church school in New York City has published a guide for avoiding offensive language. For $57,000 a year, your child, too, can have this quality education indoctrination.

In a 12-page memo, Grace Church School says its goal is “more inclusive language.” It explains, “While we recognize hateful language that promotes racism, misogyny, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination are already addressed in our school handbooks, we also recognize that we can do more than ban hateful lanugage [sic]; we can use language to create welcoming and inclusive spaces.”

Sounds serious. What are this hateful words? As we said, this drivel continues for 12 pages and the list is extensive, but here are some highlights:

  • Instead of saying, “boys and girls,” “guys,” “ladies,” and “gentleman,” say, “people,” “folks,” “friends,” “readers,” “mathematicians…”

  • Instead of saying, “sweetheart/honey/similar pet names” say, “child’s name or ‘child/friend in the blue shirt.’”

  • Instead of saying, “mom and dad,” say, “grown-ups,” “folks,” “or family.”

  • Instead of saying, “parents,” say, “grown-ups,” “folks,” “family,” “and guardians.”

  • Instead of saying, “husband,” “wife,” “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” say, “spouse/partner/significant other.”

  • Instead of saying, “a boy can’t marry a boy,” or “a girl can’t marry a girl,” say, “People can love and commit to whomever they please, it’s their choice who they marry.”

  • “If someone articulates sexual orientation is a choice rather than an identity,” respond by saying, “who we love/are attracted to is part of who we are.”

  • Instead of saying, “diverse/minority,” say, “person of color, marginalized identity/population.”

  • Instead of asking, “what religion are you?” ask “are any religious/faith traditions important to you?”

  • Instead of asking “What did you get for (any holiday)?” ask, “Do you celebrate holidays?”

  • Instead of saying, “Merry Christmas!/Happy Holidays!” say, “Have a great break!”

The guide is just “one of many initiatives to combat racism and promote the most welcoming and respectful learning environment possible.” Oh, and by the way, the word “colorblind” is “outdated” and is to be avoided. Martin Luther King would be so proud.