The Patriot Post® · Is America Blowing a Chance to Beat China?

By Harold Hutchison ·

If one thing should have been obvious from the pandemic, it’s that the Chinese communists in Beijing have a depraved indifference to human life when it comes to achieving their geopolitical goals. Regardless of whether the coronavirus that exploded into a pandemic escaped from a lab or emerged from a “wet market,” the ChiComs told us who they were when they covered it up, ensuring that the virus would become a global pandemic.

Sadly, the effects of the pandemic included enabling the defeat of President Donald Trump’s reelection bid under very controversial circumstances. Now, China is winning as Biden undoes many of Trump’s efforts on trade and foreign policy — efforts to halt the advances of the genocidal butchers of Beijing. Worse, American manufacturing is again headed out of the country.

Of course, China has managed to infiltrate a lot of America, like Hollywood, often using access to its vast potential market and its slave labor — which is much cheaper than employing American workers — as carrots. Many mainstream media outlets will ignore things like China’s genocide against Uyghur Muslims or its rampant cheating on trade simply because reporting those facts could leave their entertainment empires frozen out of one of the world’s largest markets.

While closer ties with China were necessary when the Soviet Union was a threat, the USSR is now dead. Russia, even with nukes and hackers, is not exactly the threat it once was, and it’s containable provided America continues pursuing energy independence that allows for exports to keep Russia from its best source of hard currency and geopolitical leverage. Oh, wait… Biden already started wrecking that, too.

Is it any wonder that China just humiliated Biden’s lackeys in Alaska?

Then again, the ChiComs are not who the Biden administration considers the real enemy. Who is that real enemy? Well, leftists have told us who they really hate multiple times. And they are indoctrinating the military against their fellow Americans, not just during the stand-downs, but on the military’s professional reading lists, too.

What America needs to do is to start the process of economic de-coupling from China, rebuilding the military’s force structure, ensuring energy independence, and getting the economy on overdrive. Or, in four simple words: Enacting Trump’s policy agenda.

Instead, what we have is a military looking the wrong way, a government that seeks to silence and redline conservatism, pursuit of the Green New Deal giveaway to Russia and China, and silence about left-wing lies that inspire violence.

This could be worse than blowing a chance to put China back on its geopolitical heels. It could set the stage for some serious disasters for the United States.