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Editor’s Note: Each week we receive hundreds of comments and correspondences — and we read every one of them. What follows are a few thought-provoking comments about specific articles. The views expressed herein don’t necessarily reflect those of The Patriot Post.

Re: “It’s Time for Conservative-Led Boycotts

“Unless we can make our own alternatives to everything, how do we replace the boycotted company with an alternative? United and American are just as woke as Delta. There are very few local banks as viable alternatives to the major banks. Sadly, boycotts in this case are easier said than done.” —California

“Let’s begin with one that has some possibility of success. People talk about boycotting MLB, but that will fall flat. My suggestion is to boycott the MLB All-Star Game since it was the issue in the recent move from Georgia to Colorado. The MLB All-Star game, while light years better than the NBA’s, is still nothing but a money grab by MLB. It always has been. Not many fans really care about it either, so why not hit where it hurts — the pocketbook? There is plenty of time to get it going and it is specific enough for people to focus on it. Start now.” —Virginia

Re: “Overrated News Anchors

“Lester Holt and his ilk work for the Ministry of Truth. The problem is not that people have different perspectives, values, judgments, or come to different conclusions about what is truth. The problem is that a few elitists believe ‘We the People’ should not have a right, nor even a possibility, to examine evidence and decide the truth. Why is that a problem? While this is obvious to ‘We the People,’ elitists are blinded by pride, their success, and the approval of their colleagues. Their pride eclipsed their thinking and they no longer consider eternal truth relevant. ‘Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely’ (Edmund Burke).” —Missouri

Re: “The Anti-Christ, Anti-Conservative Movement

“Fantastic, Willie! You are so right! We homeschooled our kids through high school. While it is not a 100% guarantee of a healthy Christian and moral worldview, at least at first, our kids certainly are deep critical thinkers. And, God willing, so will their 
children. We have to rebuild our culture, starting with our families, and lean
 on and pray hard to God!” —Florida