The Patriot Post® · Sexualizing Children to Destroy Families

By Arnold Ahlert ·

Just in time for Pride Month — an already dubious notion that one’s sexual preferences and/or gender “identities” should be officially celebrated — children’s TV network Nickelodeon released a video performed by drag queen Nina West “about the meaning of the rainbow Pride flag,” and proclaiming, “June is Pride Month, so let’s celebrate by lifting up voices in the LGBTQIA+ community!” While progressives everywhere are undoubtedly thrilled, less enthused Americans might ask themselves a simple question: Why is the Left intent on sexualizing young children?

As millions of Americans are aware, this video is merely the tip of the sexual indoctrination iceberg. Last year, Netflix released a movie call “Cuties” in which an 11-year-old girl and her friends were presented in a manner resembling soft-core porn. Not only was this effort praised, with Telegraph film critic Tim Robey calling it “a provocative powder-keg for an age terrified of child sexuality,” those who objected to highly sexual dance routines showing butt-shaking and crotch shots of children were dismissed by Slate columnist Sam Adams as obsessed conservatives at “the toxic intersection of QAnon delusion and right-wing moral panic, with a smattering of leftist outrage on the side.”

The reference to a QAnon delusion is key, in that it attempts to commingle legitimate moral concerns with a fringe element of Americans who believe the ranks of the elitist class in general, and Hollywood in particular, are filled with pedophiles.

Yet the entertainment industry does itself no favors. Columnist Warner Todd Huston compiled a list of 13 TV shows and characters promoting the LGBTQ agenda to young Americans, noting the homosexual rights group GLAAD “has spent years lobbying Hollywood studios to increase the representation of LGBTQ characters in various programing.” He continues, “The major TV networks, including Nickelodeon, PBS, Cartoon Network, and others, have joined that effort. Now nearly every TV series, animated or live-action, has added gay characters.”

Yet sexualizing children is not just about homosexual characters and not just about entertainment. “It’s hard to imagine,” writes Jennifer Bilek, “a civil rights movement so indelibly tied to the capitalist marketplace that it could be used to sell fashion, makeup, hormones, surgery, cosmetology services, movies, TV series, mental health treatment, and women’s underwear, while concurrently being invested in by billionaire philanthropists, the technology and pharmaceutical industries, major corporations, and banks.”

Bilek is referring to the transgender movement, which she insists “is looking more and more like Transgenderism™, when we look at the markets opening and its insidious presence in Hollywood.”

Again, markets and Hollywood are the tip of the iceberg. Transgenderism is being shoved down the throats of elementary school children all over America, and in one of the more egregious manifestations, the Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia has moved from a policy promoting an equitable, safe, and inclusive working environment regardless of “sexual orientation [and] gender identity” to one where “students should be allowed to use the facility that corresponds to their gender identity.” Fourteen-year-old Jolene Grove — who would be forced to use the same locker room as 14-year-old boys “identifying” as girls — told a pathetically radicalized school board exactly what it needed to hear: “Everyone knows what a boy is — even you.”

Even Kamala Harris. “I’m the first VP who’s a girl, not a boy,” she told pre-schoolers in Washington, DC, last week.

Nonetheless, none of them care. In institutions controlled by leftists, progressive dogma — no matter how twisted — must prevail, and anyone who resists is “transphobic.”

Moreover, in a number of Democrat-controlled states, the transgender agenda transcends parental rights. In a chilling article titled “When the State Comes for Your Kids,” writer Abigail Shrier reveals the extent of such contemptible usurpation. In Washington, minors age 13 and up are entitled to admit themselves for inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment without parental consent, and insurers are forbidden from disclosing to the insured parents sensitive medical information of minor children, including gender dysphoria and gender “affirming” care. In Oregon, minors 15 and older can get puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries without parental consent, and in California the age limit for the same access is reduced to 12 and up for all children in foster care.

Shrier further documents the legions of social workers and mental health “experts” more than willing to reframe any number of psychological problems with which teens are struggling in terms of “sexual dysphoria” and more than willing to help children “emancipate” themselves from their parents in order to transition.

Harvard-educated lawyer Vernadette Broyles, president and founder of the Child and Parental Rights Campaign, refers to the “very deliberate and systemic erosion of parental rights” that often consists of concerned parents bringing a suicidal, trans-identifying teen to an emergency room, where, in turn, the ER gets a child services network involved.

One that will not return the child to her parents if they won’t allow the child’s transition to begin.

Columnist Mark Tapson clarifies what all of this is really about: “For the cultural Marxists in the Biden administration, ‘Pride Month’ is a time for raising the LGBT rainbow flag at embassies around the world to virtue-signal America’s commitment to divisive identity politics and to Karl Marx’s dream of abolishing the nuclear family.”

Those cultural Marxists also include BLM, which removed the following from the “What We Believe” section of its website: “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”

Comfortable with what? Totalitarian control?

Moreover, those who think we’ve touched bottom may be surprised to learn that there are those advocating for the normalization of pedophilia. In a speech sponsored by TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design), speaker Madeleine Van Der Bruggen asserts that pedophilia is simply a sexual orientation that can be neither chosen nor changed, and that we must “stop with the hate” related to it.

Columnist Stella Morabito sees the proverbial writing on the wall. “There are two main avenues to legalizing adult sexual relations with pre-pubescent children: 1) to designate it as a sexual orientation; and 2) to lower — or abolish — the age of consent for sexual activity,” she warns. “Both efforts are on track by pedophilia advocates, especially in academia and in the mass media.”

Impossible to imagine? Those who have witnessed the Left’s incrementalist approach to upending America know better.

Many American also know that abolishing the nuclear family is one of the foremost goals of the radical Left because an intact nuclear family is the last bastion of resistance to an agenda that seeks to abolish the last remaining obstacle to total government control. As an added “bonus,” Tapson explains that the normalization of all sexuality — wholly detached from any moral judgement whatsoever — is arguably the most potent weapon that can be used “to extinguish an already-marginalized Christian faith and morality in upcoming generations, and to establish the secular, globalist state as their benevolent parental authority.”

In short, it takes a village to raise a Marxist. And it takes a government with an increasing appetite for totalitarian control to trample parental rights under the auspices of sexual liberation.

All proclamation of “pride!” in the world notwithstanding.