The Patriot Post® · Who Has Been Proven Right?

By Harold Hutchison ·

Credibility is a big deal. Those who have it need to be careful to keep it. It’s something that can be easily lost, and the consequences of losing credibility can be dire. One way credibility is gained is by being right all along. And right now, six years after Donald Trump launched his 2016 presidential campaign, grassroots Patriots can really ascertain who was and was not right.

For instance, it is beyond dispute that serious abuses took place over the last decade, culminating in the “fortification” of the 2020 election, which included bulk-mail ballots and the removal of the guardrails meant to secure election integrity.

Yet we are told by the likes of Amanda Carpenter, who heads Republicans for Voting Rights (which is, for all intents and purposes, a stalking horse for the likes of Marc Elias and the rest of Time magazine’s “well-funded cabal”), that these efforts are an affront to democracy and we should go along with two massive leftist power grabs: The For The People Act, and the John Lewis Voting Rights Enhancement Act. Oh, in addition to believing the Big Lies the Left tells about us, we’re also supposed to pretend that the power thereby grabbed won’t be abused.

The fact of the matter is, given the track record we’ve seen over the years, Carpenter is one of those establishment types who long ago lost her credibility. So, who has been proven right over the years?

One person has been Kurt Schlichter. Back in 2017, the one-time Trump skeptic warned about the Left’s hatred for grassroots Patriots and what it could lead to. And David French had the temerity to label as liars Schlichter and others who sounded warnings. We debunked French’s false accusations regarding left-wing hatred. Dennis Prager gave a similar warning, and in the heat of the dispute over the results of the 2020 election, he asked a question nobody among the Left or the Never-Trump cabal seems to be willing to answer.

Take a long look at what’s going on — the show trial that Nancy Pelosi is using the House of Representatives to run, the attack on WinRed, corporate America redlining grassroots Patriots, and the targeting of conservative media — and ask yourself: Whose predictions turned out to be correct?

This doesn’t just apply to punditry — the public health establishment is rightly distrusted after the menu police’s double standards, playing favorites, and the seemingly depraved indifference to the suffering that the lockdowns inflicted on so many people. Yet there seems to be zero interest among those groups in taking ANY of the steps that would rebuild trust.

We at The Patriot Post are not above giving people the benefit of the doubt. We’re aware that people are human and can make mistakes, or come to changes of opinion on topics, and that on occasion, times will elevate some issues to much greater importance than others. But some people are more deserving of it than others, and the ones who get the benefit of the doubt are the ones with a track record of being right.