The Patriot Post® · Poll: Trump Beats Biden in 2024 Rematch

By Douglas Andrews ·

On November 3, by a margin of 74,216,154 to zero, Donald Trump whipped Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential poll of reasonably intelligent people. Unfortunately, Joe Biden prevailed over Trump by an even bigger margin among the dullards, the uninformed, and the ballot stuffers: 81,268,924 to zero. And here we are.

Still, even as our country goes to hell, we can take solace in knowing that we voted just once, and that we voted for the right guy. Further, we can take solace in some new polls that indicate a remarkable degree of buyer’s remorse among the Biden electorate:

DISCLAIMER: Most pollsters are liars and vote suppressors, and they should be shamed out of polite society. (In fairness: Rasmussen, Trafalgar, Susquehanna, and Investor’s Business Daily were among a handful of pollsters who were consistently accurate with their 2020 presidential polling. The others, like CBS News/New York Times, NBC News/Wall Street Journal, ABC News/Washington Post, The Economist, YouGov, Quinnipiac, and Reuters/Ipsos? They were consistently inaccurate, and all as pollagandists for the Biden/Harris ticket. Out with them.)

Recently, a Rasmussen poll found that a majority of the American people want Biden to resign for his handling of our withdrawal from Afghanistan. The numbers are remarkable: 52% agree, just 39% disagree, and 9% are clearly too proud to admit they agree. These miserable numbers build on Biden’s slide in the RealClearPolitcs average of polls, which shows his approval rating to be under water (with more folks disapproving than approving) in six of the seven most recent polls — a milestone we first noted three weeks ago.

What’s more, an Emerson poll released earlier this month found Trump favored over Biden by a 47-46 margin in a hypothetical 2024 rematch. But frankly, we doubt Biden will be on the Democrat ticket three years from now. Indeed, the same poll found that among Democrat voters, 60% said they’d like to see Biden as the 2024 presidential nominee, but a whopping 39% said they’d rather see someone else on their party’s ticket.

If Democrats are thirsty for more bad news, they can find it in a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, which has 41% of respondents strongly disapproving of the job Biden is doing, while just 19% strongly approve. This kind of gap tends to manifest itself in a sizable “enthusiasm gap,” wherein one set of voters — in this case GOP voters — are far more eager to head to the polls than Democrat voters.

So Joe Biden’s numbers are terrible. Still, were he to resign before his four-year term is up, he’d leave us with Kamala Harris, whose performance and polling might be even worse than Biden’s. Indeed, a July survey by the aforementioned Trafalgar Group found that 58.6% of respondents were “not confident at all” that Harris is ready to be president “based on her performance as vice president.” An additional 5% said they were “not very confident” in Harris, which means nearly two-thirds of the 1,161 likely voters polled had significant concerns about Biden’s “error apparent.”

In presidential politics, we call Kamala Harris impeachment insurance. In this respect, she serves the same purpose for Joe Biden as Biden himself served for Barack Obama.

When we think about that lowering of the presidential bar, the mess we find ourselves in today begins to make a lot more sense.

Will this poor polling stick, or will Biden and Harris recover? As our Mark Alexander notes: “There’s a lot of speculation about whether the outrage over Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal will subside as the MSM news cycle interest subsides. But here’s what the pundits are missing: The 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attack, and the one-year anniversary of Biden’s Afghanistan disaster and all of its consequences, will occur just before the midterm elections next year.”