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Editor’s Note: Each week we receive hundreds of comments and correspondences — and we read every one of them. What follows are a few thought-provoking comments about specific articles. The views expressed herein don’t necessarily reflect those of The Patriot Post.

Re: “9/11: A 20th Observance Retrospective — and Warning

“This article is an amazing summary of that day in remembering where we all were then and where we are now — at our lowest point since 9/11. Our flag has been ripped to shreds and spit on, its stars and stripes muddied and bloodied beyond recognition. Incompetence did not bring us to this defeat; it was the deliberate choice of one man hell-bent on making a name for himself. Well, he certainly did!” —Missouri

“I can only hope that the people who actually voted for Alzheimer Joe have sufficient sense to be ashamed of their vote. I doubt this is the case, as his lack of competence was clearly evident prior to the election. Now we are stuck with either Joe or (probably worse) Kamala Harris or (almost certainly worse) Nancy Pelosi. In 2024, the unlucky sod who enters the White House behind Joe — and that’s assuming enough people have wised up to prevent his reelection (although Obama somehow managed it) — is going to have an awfully big mess to clean up.” —Florida

Re: “Leftists Put Trigger Warnings on Founding Documents

“I have to ask: Why are we paying the salaries of people to paste their own political opinions onto national documents when their job is to simply curate them? It is not the government’s job to protect people from being emotionally offended.” —Minnesota

Re: “Archbishop Targets ‘Catholic’ Biden and Pelosi

“‘Catholics’ like Pelosi and Biden are intent on codifying Roe v. Wade. In Roe, just as in Dred Scott v. Sanford, the real humanity of people was ignored in favor of the fiction that they were either nothing more than property or a growth not unlike a tumor in a woman’s body. With ‘Catholics’ like Biden and Pelosi perpetuating the fiction that unborn children are not human, Catholic prelates like Archbishop Cordileone need to hold members of their flocks accountable for their militant denial of humanity. As a Catholic, I can only hope and pray that Archbishop Cordileone will prompt the American Catholic Church not to repeat its dereliction of duty with respect to slavery in the civil rights issue of the 21st century.” —Illinois

“‘Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward’ (Psalm 127:3). Elective abortion is a profound insult to God, who gave the life into the care of the mother. It is murder, it is a rejection of the gift, and it generally reflects a lack of trust in God’s providence. How can a follower of Christ defend it? It is not possible. Scripture also implies that Mr. Biden and Mrs. Pelosi are derelict in their duty as leaders, for according to Romans 13, government is to be a terror to those who do evil. Is not killing one’s child a great evil? This is not about government ‘controlling a woman’s body.’ It is about protecting the life inside a part of a woman’s body that was made for her children.” —Minnesota

Re: “In Brief: Critics Are Wrong on Texas Abortion Law

“To the pro-abortionists who claim the so-called trump card of ‘follow the science,’ let’s take a trip down that lane  That same science says that life ends with the cessation of a heart beat. You can be brain-dead, but as long as your heart is beating, according to the ‘follow the science’ mantra, there is still life. So wouldn’t it make sense, then, that life starts with a heart beat?” —New York

Re: “Oh Those Embarrassing Media COVID Corrections

‘Shouldn’t decisions on treatment of a virus remain between a patient and his or her doctor?’ In general, this is good advice. However, these days everyone with a cell phone believes they are just as smart and well educated as any physician. Maybe more so, depending on their political viewpoint. And even then, I’m reminded of the old joke: ‘What do you call the guy who graduates at the very bottom of his medical school class? A doctor.’ All doctors aren’t the same, and as we have seen illustrated lately, some of them are actually idiots. None of which is to claim that so-called ‘journalists’ aren’t almost universally idiots. (Yes, even the ‘Republican’ ones.) Seems no one is particularly concerned with actual facts these days.” —Florida

Re: “Fauci Exposed as a Liar (Again)

“A lot of people have been advocating getting rid of Fauci for some time now, and I have disagreed on the ground that doing so seemed excessive. Fauci seemed like an annoyance and less than credible. But this revelation makes clear that he lied to Congress repeatedly and probably makes a prosecutable case for perjury. He’s got to go, and be prosecuted.” —Illinois

Re: “DeSantis: Florida’s Liberty Defender

“For once, Trump should set his ego aside and let DeSantis run. It’s time to pass the baton to the next generation of conservative leaders. DeSantis easily appeals to Trump’s base but also has a higher ceiling of crossover support than Trump would. He can push back against the Left just as effectively as Trump without being nearly as abrasive.” —California