The Patriot Post® · Leftmedia Spiked Legitimate Hunter Laptop Bombshell

By Thomas Gallatin ·

What’s the bigger scandal, revelations from Hunter Biden’s laptop, or the mainstream media’s and Big Tech’s censoring of the story? As an actual investigative journalist, one of the few that still exists, dug into the New York Post’s bombshell story last October, he realized it was true. Moreover, the emails contained on Hunter’s lost laptop showed that Joe Biden lied when he claimed to have no knowledge of his son’s suspect foreign business dealings. Biden family corruption should have shown that Joe was unfit for the presidency. Instead, his media lickspittles covered for him and here we are.

Indeed, Leftmedia outlets clearly feared the bombshell allegations were an October surprise that would tank Biden’s chances of winning the election. That was an unacceptable outcome, so they not only sought to ignore the Post’s story but actively sought to discredit it.

Journalist Ben Schreckinger has just written a new book titled The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power. In it, he exposes the fact that the Post’s bombshell Hunter Biden laptop story was indeed accurate and supported by corroborated sources, as opposed to the bogus Trump/Russia collusion story, which the MSM ran with for years as if it were the gospel truth.

The laptop was confirmed as belonging to Hunter Biden. The information contained on the laptop was verified as legitimate and not fake, as some Leftmedia outlets surmised. The FBI did know about the laptop and was in possession of it, all in accordance with what the Post reported. These were all details the MSM could have easily verified, but activist “journalists” instead chose to run interference against the story.

Meanwhile, an utterly fake story of Donald Trump supposedly insulting American military personnel while in France in 2018 was widely reported as fact, despite the lack of any corroborating evidence and in the face of multiple eyewitnesses who publicly refuted the spurious claim. Where was the MSM caution and concern then about needing to verify sources before printing possible Russian disinformation?

Or how about the Russian-bounty story, the report that Trump had ignored intelligence that claimed the Kremlin was paying the Taliban to kill American soldiers? Once again, the MSM ran to the fainting couches with the scoop, as if the accusation itself was evidence. Lo and behold, it turned out to be more fake news. Conveniently, only after Biden was solidly sitting in the White House did the MSM report that U.S. intel had low confidence in the claim. Where was journalistic caution? Entirely absent because Orange Man Bad.

Meanwhile, getting back to the real scandal of Hunter’s laptop bombshell and MSM censorship, Leftmedia outlets are now attempting to run damage control, covering for their decision to squash a legitimate story. Politico, which Schreckinger happens to work for, sought to qualify its initial dismal of the Post’s original story by obfuscating: “While the leak [of emails from Hunter’s laptop] contains genuine files, it remains possible that fake material has been slipped in.” Really?

Of this lame excuse, the New York Post insightfully observes: “Consider the level of skepticism brought to bear here. Biden’s team lied to us but we’ll take them at their word that nothing of consequence happened at this dinner. Email after email, picture after picture are proved authentic from the laptop, but hey, maybe some of it is fake.”

The scandal is that Leftmedia “journalists” picked their man Biden and ensured that any story that seriously threatened his chances of winning was given the kibosh. And now they have the gaul to claim they were only following good journalistic practices. No, they’re engaged in what they do best — promulgating leftist propaganda.