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Editor’s Note: Each week we receive hundreds of comments and correspondences — and we read every one of them. What follows are a few thought-provoking comments about specific articles. The views expressed herein don’t necessarily reflect those of The Patriot Post.

Re: “‘Losing Control of Inflation’

“I remember one of the consequences of Jimmy Carter’s inflationary policy was the frequency of strikes as workers protested the rapidly declining value of their wages. That’s starting up again. John Deere employees voted over the weekend to form the picket lines. It’s not hard to see what that will do to the supply of products.” —Minnesota

Re: “The Sentencing of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller

“Our country needs men like Stuart Scheller and I hope he will run for Congress. He would be a great addition to that body. His demonstrated courage — both in his active-duty service and in his risking everything to call out the top brass — is an attribute sorely needed in these times we are passing through. If he wants to continue to serve his country in Congress, I’m certain his fellow citizens will be very grateful for his service once again. Semper Fi.” —Florida

Re: “Gates Gives Biden a Failing Grade

“Whining about polarization and hatred ignores reality. Federalists and anti-Federalists could compromise on the Constitution because they agreed on core principles of a republican government in the Declaration of Independence. No one risked loss of liberty through compromise. But compromise with Democrat Marxists is de facto liberty-destroying. What’s not to hate about this vile ideology that attacks life, liberty, and property? The Declaration brands leftists as despotic and tyrannical, and therefore incapable of forming a just government.” —Illinois

“To give President Trump his due, ‘The first casualty of any military operation is the plan,’ and some parts should be left flexible to respond to changes in the situation and unexpected contingencies. However sparse or open that plan may have been, I seriously doubt complete failure to notify the Afghan government and arrange an orderly handover was an option in Trump’s plan, nor was leaving Bagram Air Base at the front of the withdrawal part of the deal. If such was the case, the political damage-control spinners in the Biden administration would have already leaked the relevant documents to the propaganda media.” —Minnesota

Re: “Parents Fight Leftist Segregation

“It was Alabama Democrat Governor George Wallace who famously declared: ‘Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.’ Of course, Wellesley Public School System’s policy is simply renaming ‘race’ and calling it ‘affinity groups.' 
So if George Wallace were alive today and segregated by 'affinity groups,’ would he be hailed a hero? Call me doubtful.” —Missouri

Re: “Team Biden Pushes Vaccines for Kids

“The idea of vaccinating all school kids is brain-dead for several reasons: 1. Children rarely get COVID, and when they do, it is not usually serious. CDC data confirms this. 2. Emerging data suggests ‘natural immunity,’ which includes immunity gained by exposure to the virus, is far more effective in the short term and over time than that gained by vaccination. 3. Risks of serious side effects and death may exist but are not understood. For the elderly (and others with comorbidities) the risks of side effects appear outweighed by the benefits of vaccination. The same cannot be said of COVID vaccines for children. The rush to use these vaccines for children is premature given that the risk of them dying or even getting COVID is very low.” —Virginia

“I’m too old to have kids, but if I had any minor children, I’d oppose their vaccination. I say that as a person who has had two shots, but who has become convinced that the likely cost outweighs the benefits, especially the younger you are. And there is no information on the impact of the vaccine on children. Vaccinating them is being done with fingers crossed. If ever there was a case for respecting principled refusal, this is it.” —Illinois

Re: “Fact v. Fiction: The ChiCom Virus Vaccine and Hospital Deaths

“Few medical treatments are absolutely safe, and a largely experimental vaccine rushed into production in answer to a public health emergency will be riskier than one developed over the usual years-long timeframe. But as an adult, it is I myself who must balance those risks against the demonstrably greater risk that the virus poses to someone approaching 60 years old. The risk-benefit calculation for someone younger would of course be different, a fact ignored by ‘one size fits all’ government mandates or ‘we know better than you’ arrogance. Becoming a vegetarian would also be healthier for me, yet I choose to have a steak anyway. Such are the rewards of freedom.” —Georgia

“Good summary. What is missing is a thorough roll-up of numbers on serious side effects to include the percentage chance of experiencing those side effects for various age groups. That would allow rational people to do their own risk assessment and minimize the rampant conspiracy theories and bad info. Had that been done from the start, I believe the vaccination rate would be higher than it is. I also believe the data would show side effects for old people to be minimal but higher the younger the cohort.” —Virginia

Re: “Pete Buttigieg, You Can Come Out Now

“Buttigieg should be solving the crises, not celebrating delusions. We can tolerate those denying reality as long as they do not interfere with the rights of the rest of us struggling with reality. We must help delusion sufferers recover from this serious psychiatric disorder. However, when the self-delusional demand the rest of us not only tolerate but affirm, normalize, legalize, and celebrate their delusion, we should be alarmed and, at a minimum, refuse. Any other response is immoral. Those who insist men are women live in denial of reality. These two power-elites with a photo of them in a hospital bed holding infants as if they gave birth to a child are delusional. Just because it’s legal does not make it moral.” —Missouri