The Patriot Post® · Soros Launches Disinformation News Network

By Nate Jackson ·

ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NPR — there’s an entire alphabet soup of media networks, some of them taxpayer funded, dedicated to effectively propagating Democrat talking points disguised as news. Add to that a host of major newspapers, and it’s almost like the entire mainstream media is biased. Almost. So you’ll have to pardon our amusement to hear that socialist billionaire George Soros feels the need to establish a new news network meant to counter the “disinformation crisis” in America.

What, socialist billionaire Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post and socialist billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Bloomberg News aren’t quite up to the task?

Soros has teamed up with LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and other wealthy leftists to found “Good Information Inc.” — perhaps the most Orwellian name we could imagine for a news service. But speaking of a “disinformation crisis,” Hoffman’s other claim to infamy is a doozy. According to Fox News, “He was forced to issue an apology in 2018 for funding a group that falsely tried to give an impression the Russian government was supporting Alabama Republican Roy Moore in a 2017 special Senate election.”

Good Information will be run by Tara McGowan, a former Democrat strategist, and former Barack Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer will serve as a key adviser. We already detect a pattern.

More than that, part of Good Information’s network will include Courier Newsroom, which essentially runs Democrat press releases disguised as local news reports. Don’t take our word for it; Politico called out Courier last year for “blurring the lines between campaign advocacy and a newsroom.”

You know, like every other major newsroom in America does.

Nevertheless, in the words of an Axios report on the Soros venture, he aims to “cut through echo chambers with fact-based information.”

A monopoly echo chamber of information is exactly what the Left relentlessly pursues. That’s why the Leftmedia juggernaut is protected by a Praetorian Guard called “fact-checkers” whose primary job is to kneecap the competition, disputing conservative opinions using technicalities, outright falsehoods, or, when all else fails, applying the old “missing context” canard. Left-wing social media platforms publishers then suppress that conservative speech because their well-paid “fact-checkers” have labeled it “misinformation.” Other Big Tech companies squelch conservative competition in search results (Google) or by removing content (Google-owned YouTube) for the same reason.

The purpose of George Soros pouring more of his vast wealth into yet another media outlet is simply to expand the Left’s echo chamber, albeit with a facade of fairness. McGowan says the group may invest in “entities across the political spectrum,” but conservative media outlets will neither receive nor should want Soros’s money. Her only example of a center-right beneficiary was The Bulwark, a site established by a bunch of establishment Never-Trumpers.

Ultimately, the monopoly isn’t so much one company controlling the flow of information as it is a media oligarchy with the power to redline certain free speech. This fake news cartel is what Donald Trump accurately called the “enemy of the people.”