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Editor’s Note: Each week we receive hundreds of comments and correspondences — and we read every one of them. What follows are a few thought-provoking comments about specific articles. The views expressed herein don’t necessarily reflect those of The Patriot Post.

Re: “Dems’ Plan Goes From $0 to $1.9 Trillion

“Nancy Pelosi and her fellow partisans are trampling all over one of the most important American values: our constitutional right to a limited federal government. Another value they ignore is that of honest money. By inflationary spending, they are stealing from American workers and creditors. By entailing an impossible debt onto the net generation, they are swindling futurity. Besides being bad government, the bill goes against other good values. As Thomas Sowell pointed out, taking money from some people by force (whether by inflation or direct taxation) for the purpose of transferring it to those who did not work for it is robbery. The entitlement mentality it promotes is harmful to the ‘beneficiaries’ and robs everyone of spirit.” —Minnesota

Re: “The Sentencing of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller

“I feel badly for this man and his family but I am proud of the fact that he took the stance to bring out the truth to the American people. He knew the consequences of his decision, took into account what it would do to his family, but still had the courage to stand up for what is right. I just wish more Americans had the courage to make right all the wrongs that are happening here in America. We here in America are in grave danger of losing the American Dream. Our freedoms are being taken from us each and every day by a government run by a man with dementia. Thank you for your service and for your courage. Bless you and your family.” —California

Re: “Fact v. Fiction: The ChiCom Virus Vaccine and Hospital Deaths

“So what will California Governor Gavin Newsom do to enforce COVID vaccines on school children? If he thinks he can ban the unvaccinated from attending school, then what will he do when the parents still do not let their children get vaccinated? Does he think he can go to court and take the children away from parents? I do not think our courts are so perverted to authorize that action. So besides fear and intimidation, all Newsom can do is blow hot air.” —Missouri

Re: “China’s Targeting of Taiwan Hits U.S.

“This article seems to credit self-interest as the reason to defend Taiwan. America is worried about losing Taiwan as a trading partner while Japan is vowing to defend itself. Discussion of Australia and France is less definitive. While self-interest is valid, there are more important, fundamental, and moral reasons to save Taiwan. Communism by definition is slavery, as self-determination and personal growth are forcibly replaced by fealty and servitude to the state oligarchy. Allowing Taiwan to fall would be a huge moral failure.” —Illinois

“A Chinese invasion of Taiwan should include a North Korean invasion of the South, which would divide the American response. The Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia all have fishing and petroleum resources the Chinese want. To wage a counteroffensive, our Navy has to first get from Hawaii. Hopefully, we have a strong nuclear-weaponized sub force in the East China Sea and West Pacific. The best way to defend all of East Asia is for Taiwan to hold out strong until we get a Republican back in the White House.” —Nevada

Re: “Americans Have Lost Faith in Truth

“I understand the concept that personal self-interest trumps commitment to truth. That does not negate truth. If your employer counts your pay to his truth but not your truth, then you have a serious problem, don’t you? I think most people don’t look at it from more than one or two angles. If one were to question them on truth that is directly personal, they might view it differently. Example: ‘Your daughter was raped. But that is HER truth. The man says it was consensual and she instigated it. That is HIS truth.’ That’s why we have courts — to seek the truth.” —Nevada

Re: “Courage in the Face of Our Birth Rate Decline

“One of the economic problems discouraging childbearing is personal debt. Far too many people owe large student loan balances, plus they naively think they can borrow tens of thousands of dollars for a nice car without too much consequence. On average, U.S. citizens have personal debt exceeding $65,000. Nevertheless, with careful budgeting, hard work, and discipline, it is possible to pay off the debts and avoid future debt while raising a family. (It is also possible to go to school without going into debt, even if your parents are not wealthy, but that’s a different topic.)” —Minnesota

Re: “Will Trump’s TRUTH Set Speech Free?

“One thing that will almost certainly pop up — there will be about a dozen trolls attempting to post leftist garbage, obscenities, lies, insults, and phony work-from-home spam under thousands of aliases just to clog up the works of Trump’s social media in a version of denial of service attacks. TMTG will need some sophisticated filtering to identify these and prevent them from being posted without blocking honest discussion.” —Minnesota