The Patriot Post® · Leftmedia Bemoans Boston's Election of Asian Mayor

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Long have we noted that, despite all their rhetoric, those most guilty of promoting genuine racism are those who claim to be fighting for “social justice.” The city of Boston’s recent election of a new mayor provided yet another example to add to the pile of the Leftmedia’s racial hypocrisy.

Earlier this month, voters in Boston went to the polls and elected the city’s first-ever woman and Asian, Michelle Wu, as mayor. Wu, a Democrat, defeated fellow Democrat Anissa Essaibi George, a black woman. That the mayoral race ended up being a contest between two Democrats testifies to just how far left the city’s politics are.

However, with the Left’s growing embrace of identitarian victimology hierarchy (a.k.a. intersectionality), skin color clearly matters more than policy positions. And leave it to taxpayer-funded NPR to make this point loud and clear. The Leftmedia outlet reported on the historic election outcome this way: “Michelle Wu, an Asian American, is the first woman and first person of color elected to lead the city. While many are hailing it as a turning point, others see it as more of a disappointment that the three black candidates couldn’t even come close.” Talk about a backhanded compliment.

The report continued not by celebrating Wu’s historic accomplishment but by further lamenting the fact that a black person did not win. NPR focused its reporting around comments from black civil rights activist Danny Rivera. “I got home, and I cried,” Rivera said. “I cried my eyes out because I don’t know the next time we’ll see a black mayor in our city. … I believe that it is lived experience that matters most and what separated [former acting Mayor Kim Janey, who is black] from every other candidate. That’s all super powerful, and I thought we missed the moment.”

NPR also interviewed another individual who blasted Bostonians for choosing an Asian candidate over a black one: “It’s just one of those things where it feels like, ‘What else is new?’” But NPR wasn’t done. It also found former Democrat State Representative Marie St. Fleur, who opined: “I mean the data speaks for itself, and it’s troubling. For those of us born or raised in Boston and who lived through some of the darker days, the fact that we blinked at this moment is sadness. At what point in the city of Boston will we be able to vote, and I’m going to be very clear here, for a black person in the corner office?”

Well, Mayor-elect Wu is likely no stranger to this kind of genuine racism. She is a graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Law School, after all. The Ivy League school has an ugly history of discriminating against Asians in favor of blacks.