The Patriot Post® · A Racist Attack Claims Its Youngest Victim

By Douglas Andrews ·

Tomorrow, God willing, we’ll set aside our earthly troubles and celebrate The Great American Holiday with family and friends. Some among us, though, won’t celebrate Thanksgiving so much as they’ll endure it.

We’re thinking now of those Waukesha families — those who were there, and especially those whose loved ones were injured or killed by that murdering sociopath’s vehicular rampage. These families will mark this Thanksgiving with an emptiness in their hearts and an empty chair at their table.

We’ll keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

There are six Waukesha families so stricken now that eight-year-old Jackson Sparks has succumbed to his injuries. That’s him in the picture above, with his older brother Tucker, who was also there, also hospitalized in intensive care. He’s now recovering from a fractured skull and road rash.

As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, Jackson’s death was announced on his GoFundMe page and was confirmed by his baseball club and his family’s church. “You couldn’t help but love him,” said Jeff Rogers, president of the Waukesha Blazers Baseball/Fastpitch Softball Club to which the brothers belonged.

In addition to young Jackson, Jane Kulich, 52, a bank employee who was representing her employer on its float, was also killed. As was Tamara Durand, 52, a teacher, a chaplain, and a member of the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies. And so was Ginny Sorenson, 79, a registered nurse and a member of those same Dancing Grannies. And Leanna Owen, 71, an apartment manager and yet another Dancing Granny. And Bill Hospel, 81, who was there with his wife and was passing out water to the Grannies.

How tough it must be to describe the carnage there. “He went pedal to the metal. And he guns it down the street,” said Ryan Kohnke, an Iraq War veteran whose 11-year-old niece, Jessalyn, was among the injured. “It was like a war zone. There were bodies everywhere. There was clothes. Everything abandoned. People were screaming, looking for their loved ones.”

Jessalyn was one of at least 18 children who were hurt. She was there marching with her dance team and had just waved to the camera. Seconds later, she was lying unconscious in the middle of the street. She’s now in the ICU.

As for the evildoer, the career criminal and anti-white racist Darrell Brooks, he’s been arraigned and his bail has been set at $5 million, which seems like overcompensation by the same woefully negligent criminal justice system that had turned him loose just days ago for a paltry $1,000.

As Fox News’s Tucker Carlson notes: “The more we learn about Darrell Brooks, the easier it is to understand why the media don’t want to talk about him. Brooks’s social media feeds are full of racist and Black nationalist propaganda. In one of his rap songs, he includes lines from Malcolm X justifying race-hate against Whites. He posted a picture of a fruit bowl arranged to display the letters BLM with a raised fist. And not insignificantly, Brooks also criticized the jury’s verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.”

Indeed, Joe Biden saw fit to defame Kyle Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist,” but he and his apologist ilk have nary a word to accurately describe Darrell Brooks as a murdering racist.

What a shame this is. And what a tragedy.