The Patriot Post® · CDC Quietly Updating COVID Vax Myocarditis Data

By Thomas Gallatin ·

The COVID-19 vaccines are the product of novel technology known as mRNA vaccination. On paper, the concept of an mRNA vaccine has been around for some time, though the medical technology has been developed only within the past few years. So when COVID hit, it presented a significant opportunity for the scientific community to make the new vaccine concept a reality.

Within a year of the coronavirus hitting the U.S., Big Pharma had produced an mRNA vaccine, and due to a global pandemic with millions having been sickened and dying, Donald Trump’s Food and Drug Administration fast-tracked the normally years-long review process for any new drug or treatment technology and authorized its distribution.

Meanwhile, other possible treatments for those sickened by COVID were widely labeled as “unfounded,” “dubious,” or outright “fake,” and soon censored as “dangerous misinformation” by Big Tech “fact-checkers.” The only “legitimate” solution to the virus that mainstream media talkingheads, leftist politicians, and the thought police declared acceptable was the novel mRNA vaccines.

Well, some of that “misinformation” that people — including some leading medical professionals — were posting had to do with observations of an apparent negative side effect in healthy younger people who had received the COVID vaccine. That apparent side effect was a significant uptick in the number of otherwise healthy individuals suffering from myocarditis. Our Mark Alexander wrote about it as early as June 2021.

As concern of a possible causal link between the COVID vaccines and myocarditis spread, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevent initiated a study of U.S. individuals ages 12-29 who contracted myocarditis after having received the mRNA vaccine. That study followed more than 800 patients and found that the vast majority of patients still suffering myocarditis symptoms 90 days after receiving vaccine were 17 years old and male. The study also concluded that “the mean weighted quality-of-life measure was similar to a pre-pandemic US population value and significantly higher than an early pandemic US population value,” as “most patients had improvements in cardiac diagnostic marker and testing data follow-up.”

According to the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink, the numbers of reported cases of myocarditis in males age 16 to 17 following the COVID vaccine was 14 out of 102,091, and in males ages 12 to 15, there were 31 reported cases out of a total of 206,000 after receiving the second dose of the mRNA vaccine. While these numbers might appear rather insignificant, in the world of vaccine standards they represent the proverbial “red flag” that in the past would have gotten distribution potentially stopped for further study. But, of course, this was a global pandemic, and the novel mRNA vaccines were the only acceptable solution — or so said the elitist establishment class.

The CDC’s current numbers on the seven-day risk of myocarditis are now “3-5 times higher for young men than what the CDC was reporting this time last year,” observes Dr. Tracy Hoeg, who was one of those medical professionals blacklisted as a kook. It now turns out that the CDC’s current study data comports with her research, as well as the research of other medical professionals who were seeing the same phenomenon. Follow the science.

The trouble is the CDC is now only quietly accepting legitimate data that was previously derided as “misinformation.” That means no public vindication for those who were ringing the alarm bells over the rate of myocarditis in vaccinated young people, even though they were deemed dangerous because they were questioning the “Only the Vaccine Is the Solution” narrative coming out of the Biden administration.

This is a textbook example of why authoritarian government is so dangerous. It allows for no serious questioning of the declared “solution” and in the meantime many individuals are either forced or deceived into needless suffering, all so the “enlightened” political leaders can assert they are acting in the people’s best interest. Vast swaths of Americans have been silenced or vilified as “dangerous” and “uncaring” because they voiced objections to a novel vaccine.

Furthermore, as Hoeg observed, “If we hadn’t been vilified as ‘anti-vaxxers’ spreading ‘mis’ & ‘disinformation’, how would the conversation around minimizing the chance of this adverse event have changed & how many cases of myo/pericarditis in young males would have been prevented over the last year?” Indeed.

The one-size-fits-all solution to any crisis almost always results in failure, especially when it comes to people’s health. It is ironic that those most proudly endorsing “diversity” want none of it when it comes to entertaining differing thoughts and perspectives.