The Patriot Post® · Womanhood Is More Than Skin Deep

By Emmy Griffin ·

Dylan Mulvaney has been at the front of the cultural conversation this week. Mulvaney, a biological male who is “transgender” and claims to be a girl, stirred up the hornets’ nest with an interview on the Ulta Beauty podcast and then by being invited to the White House to interview President Joe Biden.

Just who is Dylan Mulvaney? He started his social media journey as a homosexual man who interviewed animals and was constantly out in nature with his microphone. He posted one video that went viral and began to build his TikTok following from there. Mulvaney was also a talented Broadway actor who was in “The Book of Mormon” — a very anti-religious (really sacrilegious) musical. It was during the COVID lockdowns that Mulvaney seemed to begin his decent into the gender rabbit hole. He first declared he was nonbinary and then decided he was really a girl.

This was the beginning of the new Dylan Mulvaney TikTok series “Days of Girlhood.” Right off the bat, Mulvaney — because he is not a woman — apes a female stereotype, and an obnoxious one at that: “Day one of being a girl and I’ve already cried three times. I wrote a scathing email that I did not send. I ordered dresses online that I couldn’t afford and, uh, when someone asked me how I was I said, ‘I’m fine.’ But I wasn’t fine. So,” — here Mulvaney applies lipgloss for effect — “how’d I do, ladies? Good? Girl power!” It was an insincere depiction of a neurotic hormonal women — but a type that only really exists on TV and not in real life.

Each successive video further illustrates that Mulvaney is attempting to play at being a girl. In some videos Mulvaney portrays the slutty bimbo, in some videos he plays the over-the-top teenage girl, and in other videos he dresses in clothes that harken back to Jackie Kennedy or the presidential type. All of this feeds the obvious: Mulvaney is in womanface and playing the part of a girl, but it’s only that — an elaborate pantomime.

It is clear that Mulvaney is struggling mentally. He even disclosed that on the Ulta Beauty podcast. When asked by the host if he set out to make his transition so public, Mulvaney replied that “10 out of 10” he would not recommend it. He also remarked that he was thankful he was already in therapy before “Days of Girlhood” started because the pushback has been intense.

Mulvaney being invited to represent women on Ulta Beauty’s podcast is an unforgivable insult to women. That should be laid mainly at the feet of Ulta Beauty. Mulvaney has gender dysphoria, and it could be argued Ulta Beauty was taking advantage of a mentally unstable individual. By propping up Mulvaney as a spokesperson for womanhood, Ulta Beauty said women don’t matter. So, naturally, plenty of women have decided to boycott.

It is offensive that Mulvaney is venerated as a voice of girlhood and womanhood — he has no idea how to be that voice because he is a man relying on stereotypes (nor should he ever have been put in that position). It is despicable and horrific that he wants to promote gender mutilation and sterilization of children and teens. It is loathsome that Mulvaney and others like him would also like to take sports away from women or to be allowed to go into female private spaces against their will. The most monstrous of all is that the president of the United States affirmed Mulvaney and his delusions — then went a step further. Joe Biden called those states that want to protect children from the irreversible damage of this ideology immoral and “just wrong.” It is also heartbreaking to watch Mulvaney clearly struggling and no one actually helping, only using him for power and political points.

The hard truth about transgenderism and “gender affirming” care is that it attacks the vulnerable. It targets children who have been either ideologically groomed or victims of other atrocities. It exploits mentally ill adults. “Gender affirming” surgeries are genital mutilation with a politically correct name. Cross-sex hormones do not turn you into the other sex; instead, they leave the sufferer with more serious medical problems including cancer, osteoporosis, and sterilization. These drugs are not reversible and are not a “pause button,” as they have been advertised to be. It is also an issues that 80% of Americans are against.

Our president’s stance on the gender mutilation and sterilization of kids in the name of Queer Marxism is a potent comment on the decline of morality in our culture today. Political pundit Ben Shapiro talked about this at length in a recent podcast. His overarching point is that leftists and their woke ideology (critical race theory, Queer Marxism, the right to abortion, the destruction of the family, getting rid of rules and roles in society) only want to tear down the institutions. They don’t want to build anything back up in their place.

The Left wants us to celebrate what it is destroying. Here is a woman, it says of Mulvaney, who is clearly a man. Isn’t she brave and wonderful? Celebrate her or you’re a bigot. Let her activist agenda be the law of the land and destroy countless children and their families.

And all for what? Power for the elites, and ultimately the destruction of society as a whole.