The Patriot Post® · Friday: Below the Fold

By Nate Jackson & Jordan Candler ·


  • SCOTUS rebukes Alabama voting map: Are we supposed to segregate voters by race in order to be “not racist”? Yes, according to the Supreme Court, which ruled 5-4 yesterday that Alabama’s election map doesn’t give enough representation to blacks. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh joined the Court’s left wing to tell Alabama that it must make a second of its seven congressional districts majority black. It is true that blacks vote heavily Democrat and that this decision likely means Republicans will lose one seat in Alabama. But why must the law assume people vote a certain way based on their skin color? Isn’t that by definition racist? Previous Supreme Court rulings have declared racial gerrymandering to be “odious.” Why is it different to make Alabama start with two majority-black districts and then fill in the rest? To be sure, gerrymandering is often an ugly and extremely political process, and there’s no question Alabama Republicans drew the lines to their advantage. But as Justice Clarence Thomas so aptly put it, “We place States in the impossible position of having to weigh just how much racial sorting is necessary.”

  • Biden and the British PM: Rishi Sunak is the British prime minister, and he visited the White House yesterday. Someone should have given Joe Biden one of those cheat sheets because the increasingly non compos mentis president bumbled all over the place. “Well, Mr. President,” Biden began. “Mr. President? I just demoted you. Mr. Prime Minister, it’s great to have you back.” It was Sunak’s first visit. Later, in that mumbling old man voice of his, Biden tried to recall a story about Winston Churchill before apparently forgetting his name: “There’s an awful lot of stories, probably a bunch apocryphal, about the former prime minister, if I could think fast…” At that point, Sunak saved him with a couple of examples and named Winston Churchill. Names are a problem for Old Joe. Back in October, he called Sunak “Rashee Sanook.” Titles are also a problem, as he’s called Kamala Harris “president” on numerous occasions. All those falls are really starting to take a toll.

  • VA pride flag: The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory in recent years, shafting veterans with poor medical care if they could run the gauntlet of interminable wait times. Adding insult to injury, Fox News reports, “American flags flying over the Biloxi National Cemetery and VA Medical Center were replaced with rainbow LGBTQ flags after Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough authorized the flying of such flags above VA facilities.” Veterans fought and died for the American flag and everything it represents. To say the same is not true of the rainbow flag is an understatement, and it’s utterly disgraceful to turn the VA into such a propaganda front for the Rainbow Mafia.


  • Trump says he’s been indicted in classified documents probe (National Review)

  • Biden hasn’t been interviewed yet in classified docs probe (Daily Wire)

  • Joe Biden allegedly paid $5 million by Burisma executive as part of a bribery scheme, according to FBI document (Fox News)

  • Biden dismisses bribery scheme allegations: “A bunch of malarkey” (National Review)

  • LIV Golf’s Bryson DeChambeau suggests 9/11 families should forgive Saudi Arabia: “Nobody’s perfect” (Fox Sports)

  • Biden admin denies reports that China plans to build spy facility in Cuba to gather intelligence on United States (Blaze Media)

  • UK universities are helping Iran develop military weapons (Free Beacon)

  • New York attorney general sues Christian anti-abortion group, calling them terrorists (Washington Examiner)

  • “Another Bud Light”: Pottery Barn slammed after featuring trans activist Jazz Jennings in video for kids (Daily Wire)

  • Nike set to groom children with its “gender inclusive” clothing line (Townhall)

  • Girl Scouts unveil “LGBTQ+ Pride” patches (Free Beacon)

  • Parents of Covenant shooter want to hand over writings to victims’ families (WTVF)

  • Student loan pause actually made borrowers worse off than before the pandemic (PJ Media)

  • Project Veritas names Hannah Giles as new CEO (Daily Wire)

  • Ukraine launches highly anticipated counteroffensive against Russia with Western arms (Fox News)

  • Policy: Is remote work really the future? (City Journal)

  • Satire: Trump indicted for keeping classified documents at Mar-a-Lago instead of somewhere secure like the trunk of a corvette (Babylon Bee)

  • Humor: Trudeau swears this black stuff on his face is from the wildfire smoke (Babylon Bee)

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