The Patriot Post® · Jimmy Kimmel — An Oscar for Serial Misogyny

By Mark Alexander ·

(Note: This analysis contains graphic content.)

The 2018 Academy Awards confab of Hollywood’s rich and famous is upcoming. You know, it’s that annual celebration of pomp and pretense for an industry that profits, in no small part, from the promotion and propagation of unmitigated violence that saturates young minds.

Notably, the host again this year is Jimmy Kimmel, who built his career on the “entertaining” denigration of women.

He deserves an Oscar for serial misogyny — based on a true story.

Kimmel’s hypocrisy is as epic as his objectification of women. So crass is Kimmel that he joked about the most noted of executive abusers in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein: “What’s the difference between Harvey Weinstein and the Pillsbury Doughboy? When the Pillsbury Doughboy offers you a roll, he doesn’t ask you to watch him take a shower for it.”

But some things have changed since Kimmel hosted the Oscars last year.

In late 2017, Democrats made exposing sexual objectification and harassment of women a centerpiece of their 2018 midterm election strategy, which forced the resignation of some notable members of their own party, including former Minnesota Sen. Al Franken.

Franken, as you recall, staged a “funny” photo in which he pretended to grope a sleeping member of his 2006 USO comedy troupe tour, Leeann Tweeden — years before he became a U.S. senator. She also accused Franken of forcibly trying to kiss her. Other reports of Franken’s harassment of women emerged, and he was forced out.

So, what about Jimmy Kimmel, the protagonist of late-night comedy who’s now the face of the Academy Awards? He has a much more prominent profile than Franken ever had – and a well-documented history of promoting the objectification and denigration of women in the years just before Disney/ABC hired him.

Given the USA Today report last week that 94% of Hollywood women report having been harassed, Kimmel was asked if he would use his Oscars platform to take up the mantle of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

After all, according to Leftcoast celebrity “reason,” if those who have built their Hollywood fame and fortunes peddling unmitigated cinematic violence can, at the same time, be the loudest voices for “gun control,” surely Kimmel could get away with supporting #MeToo!

But, he said absolutely not.

When asked why not, Kimmel declared, “This show is not about reliving people’s sexual assaults. It’s an awards show. … And the last thing I want to do is ruin that for someone … by making it unpleasant. You know, that’s not what I want to do. I’m not going to stop any bad behavior with my jokes.”

Apparently there are limits to even Kimmel’s hypocrisy! Nay, actually he knows that if he focused too much on the #MeToo mantle, somebody might actually call him out for his sordid history of wholesale misogyny as creator of “The Man Show,” where he spent four years building his career on objectifying and denigrating women prior to being picked up by Disney/ABC. If that happened, his own career might come to an abrupt end.

On the other hand, Kimmel does think his “jokes” will “stop bad behavior,” as long as they are aimed at those whose political views don’t comport with his arrogant, celebrity leftism. His show has now morphed into an angry platform for that “humor.” Asked if he’s pushed his defamation of Donald Trump and Republicans too far, Kimmel replied, “No, I don’t. Not at all. I don’t think you can go too far. I think it’s almost necessary now.”

However, Disney CEO Bob Iger has cautioned, “That show is to entertain… I think he should be careful.”

Though Kimmel regularly uses his monologues as a platform to promote leftist political causes, he has not devoted a single monologue to condemn the sexual harassment in Hollywood. Wonder why? He’s a hypocrite’s hypocrite – but Disney/ABC isn’t about to derail its “Jimmy Kimmel Live” advertising revenue gravy train.

For the record, here’s a snapshot of the real Jimmy Kimmel – the one who created “The Man Show” with his “comedian” cohost, Adam Carolla. He left the show when he was picked up by Disney/ABC. The following information and images are offensive, but I am including them as evidence of Kimmel’s disgraceful portrayal of women. A picture is worth a thousand words…

The centerpiece of Kimmel’s shows were the “juggies,” his derogatory descriptor for half-dressed women.

His show featured segments called “Bosom Springs,” “How To Rent Porn,” “Juggy Boot Camp,” “Guess What’s In My Pants,” “Fat Times At Ridgemont High,” “Raging Ass,” “Camp Spreading Eagle,” “Eat Jimmy’s Weiner,” “Porn On A String,” “Camel Toe Match Game,” “Mud Wrestling,” “Adopt A Stripper,” “Port-a-Juggy,” “Uglyville — Fat Women in Bikinis,” “Juggy Academy,” “Bride Evaluation,” “Sock Puppet Porn,” “Jock-Strap Divas,” “Man Show Salutes ‘The Pill’,” “Uglyville,” and “What Are You Broads Thinking?” ad nauseam…

The show’s regular features included “Household Hints From Adult Film Stars,” “Get to Know Your Juggies,” and the shows ended with “Girls Jumping on Trampolines.”

Summing up his show, Kimmel said, “We are building a dam — a dam to stop the river of estrogen that is drowning us in political correctness.”

Not a word from Disney’s CEO Bob Iger about Kimmel’s exploitive resume, which got him hired by ABC…

Between his political hacks, Kimmel is still exploiting women with derogatory remarks and show segments, but he leaves the juggy photo ops to his sidekick, Guillermo.

Kimmel is an unapologetic serial misogynist, but he gets a pass because he’s their serial misogynist, and has established himself as the loudest of the elitist celebrity voices defaming grassroots Patriots and those who represent them. If not for Hollywood’s abject hypocrisy, Kimmel would not be hosting the Academy Awards – which is to say, he is the perfect host.

He is a case study in Narcissistic Personality Disorder likely due to an external locus of identity – valuing himself on the basis of how others value him – which has its pathological roots in unmet needs as a child.

If you are opposed to the objectification and denigration of women, then turn off the The Academy Awards, the idolization of the institution that propagates and profits most from that objectification and denigration. If you are among those who have justified your intentions to watch this charade, then caveat emptor – garbage in…garbage out.