The Patriot Post® · The NYT's BIG 'Blunt Force' Lie

By Mark Alexander ·

In an exposition on the “Art of the BIG Lie,” I wrote, “Leftists at the helm of the socialist Democrat Party, and their Leftmedia propagandists, are this generation’s undisputed masters of propagating the ‘Big Lie.’” That was in 2013.

Today’s Demo Party leftists, the Biden/Harris regime and its Pelosi/Schumer tag team, have become the grandmasters of the BIG Lie — empowered primarily by the colossal influence of their Leftmedia and social media outlets.

The most notorious and nefarious of the BIG Lie media outlets are The New York Times and CNN. They propagate half-truths and outright lies at a rate unrivaled by the rest of the Left-MSM field combined, and in fact many of the lies the downstream media parrot originate with the Times and CNN.

Seeking accountability for one high-profile Times lie, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) is after the source of the reprehensible Times assertion that Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was murdered by Capitol rioters. That lie was then repeated so often it was almost universally accepted as fact, and even entered into evidence in the Demos’ post-presidential impeachment theatrical production against Donald Trump.

Fact is, Pelosi and Schumer willfully and disgracefully used Officer Sicknick’s death as a political prop, and the Times enabled that lie.

In his letter to the Demos’ stand-in Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman, now that the DC medical examiner has officially declared that Officer Sicknick died of “natural causes,” Johnson is asking who was behind the Capitol Police disinformation campaign about Brian’s death.

We are all owed a full accounting regarding those who lied on the grave of Officer Sicknick.

In my original essay on Officer Sicknick’s death, I noted that the day after he died, The New York Times reported that “the insurrectionists killed a Capitol Police officer by striking him in the head with a fire extinguisher.” The Times claimed it based the report on “law enforcement sources,” most likely Capitol Police sources. Despite there being no corroborating evidence for that claim, that lie was ubiquitously repeated by every other Left-MSM outlet. As I noted, it was not until February, “10 days after … the Democrats’ final day of impeachment ‘evidence’ in which they repeated The New York Times claim,” that the Times quietly updated its story to include, “medical experts have said he did not die of blunt force trauma.”

As former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy observed after the Times’s correction, if Officer Sicknick’s death “did not happen the way the House Democratic impeachment managers have represented that it happened, we should be told … why such an inflammatory allegation was made in the impeachment article and repeated in the pretrial memo.” And that is what Senator Johnson is now methodically endeavoring to uncover and enter into evidence in Pelosi’s sham commission to investigate the Capitol protest.

And a note of irony: When fact-checking USA Today fact-checkers about a “missing context” claim regarding a Patriot Post meme – which severely restricts our social media outreach – the so-called “fact-checker” actually restated the “death by fire extinguisher” lie — a week after the Times and even CNN were walking back their “bludgeoning” reports. I asked that fact-checker if she would fact-check her own fact-check repeating that lie. No reply from her – the objective of shadow-banning our social media content was accomplished.

Finally, if Senator Johnson is able to get some answers from Capitol Police, maybe he can also get answers about the only Capitol death on 6 January caused by another person — that of Ashli Babbitt.

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