The Patriot Post® · Demos Swapping Biden Signs for Ukraine Signs?

By Mark Alexander ·

Have you noticed this virtue-signaling swap?

Some Demos who were among the most outspoken supporters of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris — you know, those voters whose social media profiles promoted the Biden/Harris ticket, and whose Biden/Harris yard signs stayed out well after the election — are now claiming they support Ukraine.

They are virtue-signaling by putting Ukraine colors on their social media pages and Ukraine flags in their yards, where they once proudly advertised their support for Biden/Harris. Apparently, they have not connected the dots — or remain in deep denial.

Let me make this clear, again: Anyone who believes that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin would invade Ukraine if Donald Trump was still president is pathologically delusional.

Putin’s “minor incursion,” as Biden called it ahead of the invasion, is the direct consequence of an inept commander-in-chief in the White House — who was a moron long before being elected. Power does not tolerate a vacuum, nor a vacuous appeaser, and, consequently, weakness invites aggression.

For the record, Barack Obama and Biden empowered Putin’s “Russian Spring” invasion of Ukraine the first time in 2014, when he seized control of Crimea. How inconsiderate of Putin after Obama’s then-secretary of state, the equally inept Hillary Clinton, gave Putin’s foreign minister a “reset button.”

And recall at the time that Obama had put Biden in charge of our foreign policy relations with Ukraine — thus protecting Hunter Biden’s business interests.

Biden voters, pay attention here: When Trump was in office, the coward Putin cowered.

Remember in the 2020 campaign, Biden asserted: “Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be president. … If you’re wondering why, it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe-to-toe with him.” Remember when he declared that if Trump was reelected, “Imagine what [Putin] can do. … Imagine what can happen to Ukraine.”

Well, how did that turn out? Just imagine…

So, let me also make this clear again — crystal clear: The most dangerous threat to U.S. national security has been and remains Joe Biden. Every person who voted for Biden voted for this invasion, voted for the blood of every Ukrainian killed, voted for the fear that now besieges millions of families, voted for the screams of every terrified mother and child, and voted for the bloodshed to come.

And the same Biden voter shared liability applies to his deadly surrender and retreat from Afghanistan and the horrors he left behind there.

That culpability explains, in part, why Biden’s polling is now deep underwater — now 60% of Americans disapproving. No doubt there are plenty of Democrats in that pool.

As for those unrepentant Biden voters now posting Ukraine colors to show their “support” for the Ukrainian people, their virtue-signaling charade does not excuse their liability for the terror and carnage.

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