The Patriot Post® · Biden's Strategy to Strangle Liberty

By Mark Alexander ·

Shortly after Donald Trump entered office in 2017, I noted he was a bomb dropper: “The day he arrived in DC, he dropped a bomb on the Beltway status quo in Congress and its special interests. He dropped a bomb on the regulatory behemoths and their bureaucratic bottlenecks. He dropped a bomb on the trade and national security institutions and alliances that failed miserably over the previous eight years. And he dropped a bomb on all the pundits and mainstream media outlets.”

The net results of Trump’s carpet-bombing of the DC establishment is that he left office with an extraordinary list of accomplishments eclipsing those of any president since Ronald Reagan.

Unfortunately, he also ensured that the socialist Democrat Party and its enemies of LibertyJoe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi — would mobilize its Leftmedia propagandists and BIG Tech speech suppressors to ensure his defeat in 2020.

High on the list of Trump’s accomplishments was his record of deregulation in order to get government out of the way of free enterprise so the economy could thrive for all Americans. It was a frontal assault on regulatory tyranny, particularly the sweeping regulations and mandates related to the Left’s “climate change” agenda.

Predictably, since he entered office, Biden has endeavored to not only reverse Trump’s deregulatory successes but to re-regulate at a blistering pace, becoming what our Thomas Gallatin called a “red tape dispenser.”

Political analyst Clyde Crews, with the regulatory watchdog group Competitive Enterprise Institute, notes in a new study of Biden’s regulatory surge, “The torrent is so extreme one finds it difficult to keep up.”

The net result is that in the most recent Index of Economic Freedom, the United States has dropped to 25th position.

Recall that Trump implemented a regulatory restriction policy that for every new regulation, 22 had to be removed. Crews notes that while he succeeded initially, once Democrats retook the House and Senate, that success faded. “‘One-in, 22-out’ in 2017 became 12-to-one in 2018, and 4.3-to-1 in 2019.”

Not only has that deregulation been undone, but as Crews writes: “The annihilation of Trump’s one-in, two-out, however, is only one of many instances in which Biden is undermining the ability of watchdogs to keep an eye on federal government mischief. The very concept of all-encompassing regulatory oversight has been eliminated by Biden.”

Biden has not only purged Trump’s deregulation successes from the federal record but is moving to obfuscate the listing of new regulations from the Federal Registry.

Crews concludes: “The takeaway is that no permanent retreat in the administrative state occurred in the wake of Trump’s stand-alone deregulatory agenda.”

Finally, beyond Biden’s deregulation purge, his re-regulation surge includes a plethora of “progressive” woke regulatory mandates that violate the most basic tenets of American Liberty.

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