The Patriot Post® · Biden's Big Hate Summit Hoax

By Mark Alexander ·

Amid all the other noise this week, you may have missed the next installment of Joe Biden’s midterm election hate and division strategy.

President Unity™ hosted a “United We Stand” confab to announce his new “domestic terrorism” strategy to “prevent people from being mobilized to violence” and “counter exploitation of the internet.” Of course, this was all about Biden’s “white supremacy” bogeyman, and using it as a catalyst to further suppress legitimate speech in collaboration with his Leftmedia and BIG Tech free speech blockers.

Attempting to connect what he implies is an epidemic scourge of white supremacy to Donald Trump and his Republican “fascists,” Biden dredged up his libelous claims about Trump supposedly saying the 2017 Charlottesville rioters were “good people.”

Biden, the grand dragon of the party of racial hated, the architects of white supremacy, declared: “In America, evil will not win, will not prevail. … White supremacists will not have the last word and this venom and violence cannot be the story of our time. Unless we speak out, this is going to continue. … Too much hate has fueled extremist violence, has been allowed to fester and grow. As a result, our very own intelligence agencies — in the United States of America — have determined that domestic terrorism rooted in white supremacy is the greatest terrorist threat to our homeland today.” That is only “true” based on how they politically spin the definition of “domestic terrorism,” while completely ignoring the rise of violent black supremacists that does not fit their political narrative.

Let’s be clear about this up front: There are remnants of “white supremacist” groups in America (early in my career I investigated domestic hate groups), and those vestiges do rarely and tragically raise their ugly heads. But white supremacy is not the greatest threat to the safety and security of American citizens. By far the greatest “hate crime” threat in America is black-on-white violence. Biden trumpets the occasional instance of racially motivated violence by a white person, but, of course, is AWOL when it comes to the much more frequent racially motivated violence by black people.

In fact, as Biden was delivering his remarks, well-placed FBI sources made clear that Biden’s bluster was overblown. According to agents in positions to know: “The demand for White supremacy [to fit the administration’s narrative] vastly outstrips the supply of White supremacy. We have more people assigned to investigate White supremacists than we can actually find.”

In other words, the Biden administration has implemented “white supremacy case quotas.”

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, said that this is Biden’s attempt to cast half of America as “racist.” Jordan said: “I think [it is] what’s ultimately driving his politics. If you own a gun, display the flag and voted for Trump, the president’s going to call you an extremist, and it appears the FBI is going to use the numbers to satisfy that narrative that the president laid out.”

Biden claimed his audience was not “a bunch of wacko liberals,” and he is correct. They are a bunch of wacko leftists, well-organized hate-profiteering organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center and other hate-hustlers that are financially dependent on ginning up fear about white supremacy. They are the primary beneficiaries of Biden’s hate rhetoric. They have to keep the “BIG ‘Systemic Racism’ Lie” alive! (Note, I received an urgent SPLC fundraising email today – yes, I am on lots of leftist mailing list to keep an eye on the enemies of Liberty.)

Biden’s “hate summit” is part of his midterm election diversion regarding the fact that Americans rate violent crime as a top concern behind the economy.

Back in 2020, Biden and his ilk were advocating defunding the police while their Marxist Black Lives Matter constituents were on a murderous and riotous “summer of rage” rampage. Biden unleashed a surge of violence that continues to grow. This month, Biden is attempting to recast himself as a superhero crime fighter, promoting his so-called “Safer America” plan and insisting, “The answer is not ‘defund the police,’ it is ‘fund the police.’”

As I noted last week regarding the torture and murder of a white woman in Memphis by a black assailant, “90% of interracial crimes are black on white.” And as I have argued previously, all murders are hate crimes, despite the Left’s political carveout classifying only a thin slice of murders as such.

Footnote: On the same day as Biden’s Trump extremist confab, Tump declared: “I think if [ I was indicted] you’d have problems in this country the likes of which perhaps we’ve never seen before.” Not helpful…

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