The Patriot Post® · Bob Woodward on Today's Leftmedia Journalists

By Mark Alexander ·

Veteran journalist Bob Woodward was recently asked about mainstream media coverage of Donald Trump.

A reporter asked Woodward: “You’ve described the Trump presidency as being a ‘test’ for the news media. Do you think the media is failing the test?”

Woodward responded: “Reporters have at times become emotionally unhinged about it all, one way or the other. … Look at MSNBC or Fox News, and you will see those continually either denigrating Trump or praising him. I think the answer is in the middle, and in this class [I’m teaching] I talk about how it’s important to get your personal politics out. … It’s destructive to become too politicized. The emotion should be directed at doing more work, not some feeling or personal conclusion. … In lots of reporting, particularly on television, [and in] commentary, there’s kind of self-righteousness and smugness, and people kind of ridiculing the president. When we reported on Nixon, it was obviously a very different era, but we did not adopt a tone of ridicule. The tone was, ‘What are the facts?’”

Woodward is much too kind!

The tone of Woodward’s Watergate-era employer, The Washington Post, is now that of a cheap tabloid. Since 2013, the Post has become little more than a personal soapbox for its leftist billionaire owner, Jeff Bezos.

As I’ve noted, “In 2016, WaPo abandoned its esteemed standing as our nation’s premier political and policy paper and became nothing more than a pathetic and petulant propaganda sheet for Barack Obama’s heir apparent, Hillary Clinton.”

In 2017, The Washington Post adopted a new motto: “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” That is a fitting motto for WaPo’s political hacks. Fortunately, we are a Republic devoted to the eternal principles of Liberty and Rule of Law.