The Patriot Post® · The Real Choice in 2018

By Nate Jackson ·

The 2018 midterm elections are now just two weeks away. Early voting is already well underway in many states. Some polls show a blue wave, others show Republicans gaining ground. We estimate that GOP control of the House is in some level of jeopardy, though Republicans gaining seats in the Senate now seems the likeliest outcome. Either way, as we always say, the only poll that counts is the one on Election Day.

The two parties certainly offer contrasting visions for America. As we wrote in July, one offers hope, while the other feeds despair. One offers a positive agenda that will create wealth and preserve Liberty. The other offers … rage. And a lot of it.

Specifically, President Donald Trump offered a list of 14 things Republicans aim to accomplish if they retain control of Congress:

Clearly, many of those items overlap, but most of them are worthy goals. Each link above is to our coverage of Trump’s progress on those goals. Frankly, Republicans have done a pitiful job of selling tax cuts to the American people, while Democrats have been more successful in convincing voters that those cuts were (A) for corporate fat cats and the wealthy, (B) drove up deficits, and (C) will lead to cuts in Social Security and Medicare.

In short, there is more work to be done on all of Trump’s list. And it won’t be done if the GOP loses control of either chamber of Congress.

What happens if Democrats win? Would-be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promises to use subpoena power to make life miserable for the president. Other Democrats insist impeachment will be at the top of the agenda. At a minimum, it will be investigation after investigation. The only policy prescriptions Democrats have involve varying degrees of socialism.

So voters have a clear choice: Continue on the path of prosperity or put Trump-deranged lunatic socialists back in power. Jobs or mobs?