The Patriot Post® · The Bobulinski Interview and Joe Biden's BIG Lie

By Douglas Andrews ·

If you saw Tucker Carlson’s interview with former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski, you saw a credible and utterly compelling witness — a witness to the bald-faced lies of Joe Biden and the money-grubbing brazenness of his family.

During the interview, Bobulinski went into great detail about the events surrounding his two meetings in 2017 with Joe Biden — meetings the Biden campaign and its protectors in both Congress and the mainstream media have reflexively dismissed as “a Russian smear campaign.”

The interview, though, wasn’t about changing people’s votes — at least not for Bobulinski. For him, it was about clearing his family’s good name. As the son of a U.S. Navy officer, and a Navy officer himself, this is important to him — more important than exposing the naked influence-peddling to the communist Chinese by Joe Biden and his family, including his wastrel son, Hunter, and his brother, James.

As Fox News reports, “Bobulinski also said he wouldn’t have gone public about it if comments by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff that his claims were part of a ‘Russian disinformation’ campaign were retracted.” Those comments weren’t retracted, though, and this caused Bobulinski “to go public to the FBI, Department of Justice, Congress and the media to tell his story.”

“This isn’t a political decision,” Bobulinski said. “People were accusing my family of treason after I defended my country.” He stressed this point repeatedly during the hour-long interview: “I’m only sitting here because … not only have they not gone on record, they’ve denied it, and they’ve tarred my family name, and a long history of serving this country. … I held a top-secret clearance from the NSA and the DOE. I served this country for four years in one of the most elite environments in the world, naval nuclear-power training command. And to have a high-profile congressman out there speaking about Russian disinformation, or Joe Biden at a public debate referencing Russian disinformation, when he knows he sat face-to-face with me, and that I was traveling around the world with his son and his brother. To say that and associate that with my name is absolutely disgusting to me.”

Our Mark Alexander has covered this story in depth in recent days, including the “Russian disinformation” canard orchestrated by Schiff and others.

As Alexander noted, “Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe made clear that Democrats have no evidence to back up their Russian disinformation claims. ‘Let me be clear,’ Ratcliffe said. ‘The intelligence community doesn’t believe that, because there is no intelligence that supports that, and we have shared no intelligence with Chairman Schiff or any other member of Congress that Hunter Biden’s laptop is part of some Russian disinformation campaign. … Biden’s laptop is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign.’”

Put another way: The Democrats’ “Russian disinformation” campaign is itself a disinformation campaign.

Bobulinski says he was warned against going public with information about the Biden family’s business dealings, and he produced an audio recording of a phone conversation that confirms this: “Ah, Tony, you’re just going to bury all of us, man,” says Rob Walker, another business partner of the Bidens.

In a just world, Bobulinski’s account would bury all of them, but it likely won’t. Because in addition to this being a story about a man’s efforts to clear his family’s good name, it’s also a story about how the mainstream media can destroy a messenger and a message. It’s a story about how those charged with writing the first draft of history can engage in an open and obvious blackout of a news story with history-changing ramifications. As The New York Times’s Ben Smith put it, the last two weeks have proved “that the old gatekeepers, like the [Wall Street] Journal, can still control the agenda.”

We’re just six days from a presidential election, and who can argue with Smith’s assessment? Joe Biden has for months repeatedly denied he had any knowledge of or involvement in his son Hunter’s global business dealings, including business dealings with our greatest geopolitical foe, the communist Chinese. And he’s lying about it.

When asked in 2017 by Bobulinski about Joe Biden’s political ambitions and the obvious conflicts of interest — the obviously compromising nature of their business dealings — James Biden, Joe’s brother, told Bobulinski that the family has “plausible deniability.” With the help of a corrupt and complicit media, he may just be right.