The Patriot Post® · Biden's Utter Lack of Character

By Douglas Andrews ·

Show of hands: Who knows someone who’s voting against Donald Trump because he’s an obnoxious bully, and in favor of Joe Biden because he’s “a good and decent man” and because “character counts”?

That’s what we thought — a lot of you. Unfortunately, that narrative isn’t true. In fact, the opposite is true. Biden is a slippery, self-serving eel of a man, a money-grubbing backslapper, and a pathological liar.

Before we begin: This column isn’t about Trump. His myriad character flaws have been amplified and Chinese-water-tortured into our heads for the past four years by a hate-filled mainstream media. Rather, this column is about the 77-year-old career pol whose deeply suspect character has gone largely unexamined by that same mainstream media.

Biden has, unwittingly, told us plenty about his character over the years. Few of us have been listening, though. Perhaps the clearest window we have into his fundamental indecency is the lengths to which he’ll go in order to curry favor, gain sympathy, and win votes.

We brought this “character” case against Biden about a month ago, but Exhibit A bears repeating. We’re talking about the fundamental lie of his adult life, the one that he told over and over again without regard to the damage it was doing to an innocent man and his family. For years, Scranton Joe falsely and repeatedly blamed the death of his first wife and daughter on a truck driver, a citizen and a father, who Biden said “drank his lunch.”

The truth could always be found in the police report, which made clear that the truck driver in question hadn’t been drinking and wasn’t even at fault — that, in fact, Mrs. Biden “drove into the path” of his tractor-trailer.

And yet Biden persisted in lying about it.

“The driver of that truck,” wrote Kevin Williamson back in March, “went to his grave haunted by Biden’s lies, to the point where his children were forced to beg the vice president to stop defaming their late father. The casual cruelty with which Biden is willing to subordinate the lives of ordinary people to his political ambitions — for the sake of a petty tear-jerker line in one of his occasionally plagiarized stump speeches — is remarkable.”

Williamson, who’s anything but a fan of Donald Trump, calls Biden “a vicious, self-serving political hack … whose ambition leads him from time to time into shocking indecency.” This sounds about right.

After that tragic accident? Biden allegedly had an affair with his now-wife Jill while she was still married. You’ll never hear that in the mainstream media, much less in Jill’s ad telling us what a wonderful family man Joe is.

Perhaps former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake (remember him?) doesn’t read Kevin Williamson. This, in addition to his well-documented disdain for President Trump, would help explain why a man who’s “been a conservative Republican” all his life decided to cut an eleventh-hour ad endorsing for president an anti-Republican of such low character as Biden. The aptly surnamed Flake, whose idea of conservative Republicanism includes well-documented support for open borders and amnesty, urges us to put “country over party” and support the Democrat presidential nominee.

Worse yet, Flake keeps a straight face while invoking words like “principle,” “conscience,” “character,” “integrity,” and “moral leadership” on behalf of Joe Biden — a man who no longer supports the Hyde Amendment, which protects pro-life Americans from having their tax dollars directly support abortion. Did anyone bother to tell Mr. Flake that Biden now supports taxpayer funding for the killing of the preborn? What could be more monstrous and less emblematic of “moral leadership” than a flip-flop on this position?

Enough of Jeff Flake.

Joseph Robinette Biden first campaigned for president way back in 1988. It didn’t last long. He got caught plagiarizing speech material from Neil Kinnock, a British member of Parliament, but he didn’t learn any lessons. As Valerie Richardson wrote in The Washington Times, “Since the start of the 2020 campaign, Mr. Biden has been caught on numerous occasions spinning false and even ludicrous yarns, a tendency that has prompted head-scratching from his supporters and exasperation from conservatives stunned that his tall tales have yet to torpedo his salt-of-the-earth image.”

These yarns include the lie that he told to South Carolina voters about having attended Delaware State University, a historically black college. And the lie about having met with survivors of the Parkland school shooting when he was vice president — a remarkable feat of time travel given that the incident happened more than a year after Biden was out of office. Then there’s his bizarre lie about having headed into a combat zone in Afghanistan to pin a Silver Star medal on a gravely wounded Navy captain’s chest.

Like a lot of events in this Mittyesque character’s life, it never happened. But certain less flattering events have happened in Biden’s life, even if his mainstream media Praetorian Guard refuses to report on them. This very week, in fact, we’re learning about his family’s rank influence-peddling with the communist Chinese, and we’re learning about the lies he’s told to cover it up. If you haven’t yet seen Tucker Carlson’s interview with former Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski, you should.

We could also go on at length about Biden’s troubling history with race — a history that includes denying the racial authenticity of black people who have doubts about voting for him. There’s plenty more where that came from, including his assertion that “poor kids are just as bright, just as talented, as white kids.” And his warning to a largely black audience in Virginia in 2012 that if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were to win that year’s presidential election, they were “gonna put y'all back in chains.” And his bragging about being civil and having “got things done” with segregationist Democrats like Herman Talmadge and James Eastland, the latter of whom believed blacks were “an inferior race.”

Suffice it to say that there are plenty of reasons for a person to prefer Joe Biden over Donald Trump. Perhaps some of those reasons even have merit. Honesty, though, isn’t one of them. Neither is character.