The Patriot Post® · An American Oligarchy

By Arnold Ahlert ·

Whether Americans currently realize it or not, a great “victory” was achieved on Election Day itself. No matter who won the presidency, the nation’s globalist oligarchs have succeeded in delegitimizing the election process in the eyes of millions, and perhaps even a majority, of Americans.

“In a lot of ways, what happened Tuesday night could not have been worse for this country or its future,” Fox New host Tucker Carlson asserted. “The outcome of our presidential election was seized from the hands of voters, where it rightly belongs, and now resides in the control of lawyers and courts — and highly partisan, clearly corrupt big city bureaucrats. No matter what happens next, that is a tragedy.”

Tragedy is in the eye of the beholder. Those whose only “principle” is the acquisition and maintenance of power by any means necessary are ecstatic.

Their victory is attributable to many things, the first and foremost being the decades-long corruption of our education system that has churned out millions of miseducated students thoroughly convinced their nation is “systemically” corrupt and thus not worth preserving in its current form. The so-called conventional wisdom, espoused by far too many conservatives, that these students would “grow up” when they hit the “real world” proved spectacularly wrong.

In short order, contempt for America was welcomed in places ranging from college campuses, Hollywood, corporate boardrooms, and the legal profession to Congress, the courts, professional sports, and even our religious institutions.

Yet the corruption of those entities pales in comparison to the corruption of the mainstream media and Big Tech. In what has been the most devastating blow to our republic in its entire history, the way in which Americans obtain their information about the world around them has been bastardized beyond recognition. Those who purport to be government watchdogs are now its propagandists, as willing to promote the globalist, progressive agenda as they are to censor the conservative, national one.

That corruption, exponentially enabled by the coronavirus pandemic, engulfed the election cycle. The highly coordinated effort to paralyze the public with fear was no accident, as the clarion calls by the Left to let millions of people vote by mail became deafening. In turn, this led to the complete debasement of absentee balloting, as states simply mass-mailed millions of ballots to people listed on voter rolls, no matter how inaccurate those rolls were. That the lunacy of this was revealed in New York last June, where it took six weeks to determine the winners in two congressional primaries and more than one in five ballots were rejected, was irrelevant. So was the reality that the ability to delay calling the election on Election Day itself was built into the system when the District of Columbia and 16 states decided votes would be valid if they were postmarked, not necessarily received, by Election Day.

Thus, as Americans are now learning, “it’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.” Every one of the post-election counts of mail-in ballots in battleground states went Joe Biden’s way. Just as critical, similar runoff elections in Georgia have put seeming Republican control of the Senate in doubt as well.

If the Senate goes Democrat, America as we have known it will cease to exist. As Carlson rightly notes, Democrats plan to “impose an entirely new system on our country — not an agenda, a system.” That system includes packing the Supreme Court, adding new states, making illegal aliens citizens, and a host of other agendas with one overriding theme: Putting the federal government in unassailable control of America, and putting Democrats in unassailable control of the federal government.

Will it last? Perhaps the question applies most to Joe Biden himself. Nothing has been more cynical — or more transparent — than the elevation of a man with increasing mentation problems to the most powerful position on earth. Quite simply, there can be no 9:00 a.m. “lids” for the leader of the free world. When the realization of that becomes undeniable, America will end up with a president so inherently unlikeable, she would have likely lost the Democrat primary vote in her own state. Nonetheless, as columnist Jason Whitlock rightly noted, the media successfully made this election about loving Trump or hating him — and hate carried the day.

When Trump is no longer around to hate? Americans may belatedly discover the ideology they voted for is virtually destined to make them equally miserable. When “save the planet” doubles electricity bills and gas prices, kowtowing to China makes it the most powerful nation on earth, and amnesty, open borders, and an exponential increase in foreign workers devastate American employment opportunities — while the people who champion such policies remain wholly immune from their consequences — things may take a decided turn for the worse for a party that has promised social utopia is just around the corner.

In short, Americans will learn the true measure of putting those who hate the county in charge of it. They will learn that when talent and ambition are yoked to grandiose schemes of wealth “redistribution,” more productive Americans will sit on the sidelines. When merit is replaced by quotas and equality of outcome, not opportunity, they will learn that incentive and coercion are not interchangeable in terms of producing prosperity. They will learn the diktats that became routine during the pandemic — wholly absent legislative input — may become a permanent part of American governance, and that “emergencies” will be declared whenever suppressing dissent becomes necessary.

Above all else, they will learn that those who despise not just America but the nation-state itself won’t really care if America prospers or not, since it is merely one market among many, and its workers are little more than cogs in a globalist machine that will seek labor where it is cheapest — and most compliant. They will discover what it truly means when a nation that has long revered inalienable rights and individual liberty gives way to one where justice is capricious and where constitutional rights give way to the “greater good” as it is defined by some of the most contemptuous people in the country.

Assuming the courts reject all challenges of vote fraud, Donald Trump remains president until January. As commander-in-chief, it behooves him to make every effort to declassify and expose every aspect of the rampant corruption that has attended his four years in office, even if it means firing one uncooperative bureaucrat after another until he gets to those whose patriotism transcends their partisanship.

A government of, by, and for the people demands nothing less.

Liberal columnist Glenn Greenwald rightly labeled the inability to count votes in a timely manner a national disgrace. For oligarchs who disdain not just America but the very concept of the nation-state itself, that’s a feature, not a bug.

For decent Americans, it’s a tragedy.