The Patriot Post® · Happy New Year, Fellow Patriots!

By Publius ·

This past year has been replete with substantial challenges for all Americans, but through challenges, opportunities are revealed. One of those opportunities was growing the ranks of the grassroots Patriots we serve, significantly.

As in every year, Patriots were on the frontlines of many battles for Liberty, many won and some lost, but not without leaving all we had on the field.

The Democrat impeachment charade, the deadly ChiCom Virus pandemic and its economic fallout, the leftist race-bait riots, the bulk-media blackout of Joe Biden’s corruption, and finally the contested presidential election – all combined were significant threats to our Constitution and the Rule of Law it enshrines.

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Through it all, your Patriot Post team has remained steadfast, first and foremost, in our defense of Liberty, as we have since day one.

We will remain on that wall, and through this coming year with God’s help and the fraternity of Patriots nationwide, will do all within our power to sustain Liberty and extend that blessing to the next generation.

As we reflect on 2020, we are thankful to count millions of Americans among our ranks who are equally devoted to the freedoms endowed by our Creator. And we are humbly grateful for our supporters who keep The Patriot Post the leading grassroots voice for Liberty.

From all of us, Happy New Year! We will return Monday, January 4, with our first edition of 2021.

Mark Alexander