The Patriot Post® · Pelosi's '9/11-Type' Commission Is Political Theater

By Nate Jackson ·

Now that the second Democrat impeachment charade has concluded with another acquittal for Donald Trump, how will Dems perpetuate the blame and continue using the Capitol riot to inflict maximum damage on Trump supporters in Congress and across the nation? By announcing “an outside, independent 9/11-type Commission” ostensibly to investigate the Capitol riot. What could go wrong?

After commissioning retired Army General Russel Honoré to investigate security failures, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote in a letter to House Democrats, “It is clear from the findings and from the impeachment trial that we must get to the truth of how this happened.”

What is actually very “clear” is that the Capitol riot should never be mentioned in the context of the 9/11 Islamist attack on our nation, though it would certainly be fitting to mention it in relation to the Demo-constituent riots over the last eight months.

As for “the truth”? Pelosi has $500 million in taxpayer funds “invested” in their impeachment props that she can’t let go to waste, even if it resulted in not much truth and way too much political theater.

Not only that, but she called for more money to be spent securing the Capitol. The $500 million we mentioned was primarily spent on keeping the National Guard in DC for far too long already. Nevertheless, she wrote that this is all “To protect our security, our security, our security…”

Speaking of “the truth of how this happened,” several Republicans would like to know what Pelosi knew and when she knew it. Did she, they ask, have a hand in the denial of National Guard backup before the infamous rally-turned-riot? (That answer is likely yes.) And why is she now bypassing her own security measures?

The rioters deserve condemnation and justice — that is not in question. But this 9/11-style commission will be highly politicized and will at best reveal only the part of the truth beneficial to Democrats. After all, it will reportedly contain seven members appointed by Democrats and only four by Republicans. Furthermore, consider how Democrats have already politicized the Capitol Police. In the immediate aftermath of the riot, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris each pronounced the police “racist” for supposedly treating the mob differently than BLM and antifa mobs were treated last summer. Now Democrats want to award those same Capitol Police the Congressional Gold Medal.

“We will be forever grateful to the Capitol Police for their life-saving courage and heroism in securing the Capitol and protecting Members,” Pelosi gushed. If that doesn’t highlight the glaring hypocrisy and anti-truth agenda of Democrats, we don’t know what does.