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Editor’s Note: Each week we receive hundreds of comments and correspondences — and we read every one of them. What follows are a few thought-provoking comments about specific articles. The views expressed herein don’t necessarily reflect those of The Patriot Post.

Re: “Wright’s Resistance Cost Him His Life

“There is enough stupidity to go around. This man shouldn’t have resisted arrest: he got what was coming to him. On the other hand, why did the police try to arrest him with the car door open? I’ve seen too many videos of a person trying to get back into the car, either to get away or to retrieve a weapon. It isn’t hindsight to say the police should have gotten the man away from the car, or had a fellow officer get in between. Furthermore, how could she have possibly confused the taser with the gun? With such disastrous consequences, I would have spent many hours practicing until my response was robotic. This was a classroom demo of what not to do.” —Pennsylvania

Re: “Stop Resisting Arrest

“Great article. No matter the race, no one wants to see anyone injured or killed for a routine traffic stop. When a person is doing something illegal and is deemed a hero because they resisted arrest and died in the process, it’s a lie. Those of us who were raised to respect our laws and are law-abiding seem to be called non-compassionate and racist. Neither explanation is true. I am not sure what the answer is, but the short version is that families need to be whole, God needs to be at the center of them, and we need to stop deceiving ourselves into believing that young men (of any color or race), if they have broken the law, are heroes. They are lost and are suffering the consequences.” —Kansas

Re: “The Leftist Vision for the U.S. Senate

“It’s time to push repeal of the 17th Amendment. It has actually moved the Senate further away from the people. Today, if you communicate your concern to your senator, you will most likely get a boilerplate response unless you are a high-dollar donor or otherwise well-known by the senator, whereas before, a citizen who had an issue with his or senator could contact the local state legislator, and the legislator could be certain of being heard since the senator is directly and influentially answerable to the legislator. The 17th Amendment makes senators more answerable to professional lobbyists than their own constituents. Even the states have to hire lobbyists to replace the built-in advocacy of their senators.” —Minnesota

Re: “The Woke Try to Avoid Going Broke

“These corporate leaders are acting like the oligarchs of Russia. No doubt, however, they do not see themselves for who they really are: ‘useful idiots.’ The stockholders of these corporations should fire these corporate leaders and their boards for permitting this incursion by them into a direct attack on American politics. The Constitution directs that the states have the right to control the election process in their domains. Not corporate oligarch. Stop buying their products or using their services.” —Massachusetts

Re: “The Inflation Clock: A Ticking Time Bomb

“On the subject of inflation, price increases in five staple grains since Sept. 2020: 177%; 138%; 88%; 76%; 45%. Cost of building a home since Sept. 2020: up 45%.” —Massachusetts