The Patriot Post® · Biden's Humanitarian Disasters

By Nate Jackson ·

At least President Mean Tweet is out of office. Right? Is that how Joe Biden voters are consoling themselves these days as they see news of various humanitarian crises that can be laid at Biden’s feet?

Let’s start with the southern border, where Biden has intentionally created a crisis by loudly reversing all of Donald Trump’s supposedly heartless and immoral enforcement policies. Sure, the Biden administration was recently forced by the courts to reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy for asylum seekers. Biden will half-heartedly do so next month, but how long will that last?

It wasn’t all that long ago that a caravan of Haitian immigrants ended up in Texas before most of them were released into the U.S. Well, yet another caravan tens of thousands strong is headed our way up through Mexico because, The Washington Post tells us, they’re “tired of waiting for asylum.”

There were 1.7 million encounters with the Border Patrol in fiscal 2021. We don’t have to wonder why migrants are flocking here in record numbers this year. They’ll tell us: “Because of Joe Biden.”

Not just Biden, but Barack Obama, who really started this crisis. “Si, se pudo!” migrants are chanting. That’s very similar to Obama’s “Yes, we can” slogan.

“Tell Biden we are coming,” said another migrant. Don’t worry; he knows.

Unsurprisingly, Biden’s FEMA just rejected a plea from Texas for financial aid to reimburse the state for the expense of responding to Biden’s crisis.

The border isn’t Biden’s only humanitarian disaster. Remember Afghanistan? The State Department said it’s already exfiltrated 218 Americans and 131 legal permanent residents since abandoning the nation to the Taliban on August 31, but State also admitted there are far more Americans in Afghanistan than it initially and deceitfully insisted. In fact, there are still at least 363 Americans there, including 176 who want to leave.

Scratch that — the Pentagon now says there are at least 439 Americans in Afghanistan.

The Taliban will exact a heavy toll on the entire nation of Afghanistan, but the hardest hit will be Christians and anyone who helped American forces. The Biden administration failed on the one hand to get our allies out of the country, all while insufficiently vetting those it did bring here. And more are coming. The administration on Monday launched the Sponsor Circle Program that will allow private citizens to sponsor Afghan families, and the White House estimates that 95,000 Afghans will be resettled here.

Finally, there’s the Chinese genocide against the Uyghurs and Biden’s response. Granted, unlike Afghanistan, China is a major world power and there are a number of geopolitical considerations that dictate responses. But whereas Trump was tougher on China than any American president in memory, Biden is in Beijing’s pocket. One piece of evidence is that the U.S. has admitted exactly zero Uyghur refugees this year, despite the official U.S. government designation of a genocide against them.

So the door is wide open to all comers across the southern border and to unvetted refugees from Biden’s disastrous surrender of Afghanistan, but we didn’t take any Uyghurs. Perhaps the most significant reason for that is that China is all too adept at preventing escape, but what is Biden doing about that? Not much, even for the ones already here who need only approval to stay.

Maybe someone should ask “climate czar” and former Secretary of State John Kerry about his $1 million equity stake in Uyghur slave labor and how that might be influencing administration policy.

These humanitarian issues are of enormous consequence to thousands of individuals and our national security. Perhaps it’s true that no president is ever going to adequately address such things, and Donald Trump wasn’t exactly rolling out the welcome mat for refugees — in fact, he set record lows for admissions. But can our fellow Americans at least stop pretending that Joe Biden represents some great moral upgrade?