The Patriot Post® · The Left's Own Words Explain Why We Believe the Worst

By Harold Hutchison ·

Some refrains are so common, grassroots Patriots are tired of hearing them. One of the most common is that we should not be assuming the worst about the Left, especially regarding a lengthy list of abuses of power. One of the persistent questions that also emerges is why we’re willing to believe the worst.

There is a simple response: Have many in the media heard how leftists talk about us? When we rebutted David French’s false claims that some on the Right were lying about left-wing hatred, your Patriot Post team compiled lots of evidence. You can see more just by watching MSNBC on a semi-regular basis.

When you hear how they have talked about those who don’t immediately sign on to their agenda, it’s not such a stretch to think they might act on it. Sadly, the Republican and conservative establishments have done little to address left-wing hate speech — and what comes from it, like bulk-mail ballots, violent attacks on events and during campaigns, and even other measures to “fortify” democracy — all of it done to save America’s soul from Donald Trump.

After seeing all this, among other things, many grassroots Patriots perceive a discomforting pattern and connection. If words have consequences, something the Left asserts from January 6 and Trump’s use of a certain phrase to describe COVID, then there is a logical question to ask in response.

That question is: What, then, is to be said about the many hateful words and false accusations of racism and other evils the Left has dropped over the years, targeting, among others, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan, and others?

This isn’t an academic question. The year before The Patriot Post launched in 1996, John Lewis compared Republicans trying to fix a broken welfare system to Nazis. That’s two decades before Trump took the escalator ride to announce his first run for president. But more importantly, it means that this rhetoric has been going on for more than a quarter-century. What can we conclude?

At the very least, the Left is engaged in yet another double standard when it comes to its own conduct across many domains, including recounts/audits. That is being charitable, but there comes a time when common sense must overrule that.

The fact of the matter is that the Left’s words have consequences. One of those consequences is that the Left no longer will get the benefit of the doubt when something questionable takes place, and there is a lot of stuff that is being questioned. We also have the right to make assumptions about how leftists view us — as being unworthy of the full panoply of rights.

How else to explain the effort to shut down conservative media, the expansion of Silicon Valley’s censorship, or the way that the threat of a mob is wielded? Leftists have nobody but themselves to blame for this skepticism, nor can any reasonable person deny that the most convincing evidence is the words from leftists’ own mouths.