The Patriot Post® · Joe Biden's Most Dangerous Sentence

By Harold Hutchison ·

Joe Biden has not had a good two weeks, to put it mildly. Thanks to Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin putting country over party, the Senate will not wipe out the filibuster. Thus, their efforts to enshrine dubious tactics like bulk-mail ballots and some of the other methods used to “fortify” (read: rig) the 2020 election are going to fail as well.

That’s the good news for America. But Biden isn’t exactly losing with grace. If anything, in his speech on January 6, he spoke the most dangerous sentence he has in years by proclaiming that we were in a “battle for the soul of America.”

Now, loyal Patriot Post readers know that we’ve discussed the long track record of hatred that came from the Left for decades before Trump ever went down the escalator to announce his 2016 campaign. We’ve called out David French’s efforts last year to gaslight Americans about that hatred.

So why is that sentence from Biden so dangerous? Because your Patriot Post team has also noted a long list of abuses that also should be borne in mind.

There have been physical attacks on various conservative gatherings and rallies — and the violence and abuses went on long before January 6. This included at least one assassination attempt on Trump in 2016, and just recently, a man was arrested for threatening Trump.

So, will the Left finally accept the consequences of its rhetoric? Or will that long-standing toxic double standard continue?

The rhetoric now targets Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has become the latest in a long line of Republicans to be compared to Adolf Hitler. Given past incidents of rhetoric and violence, and the fact that this year’s gubernatorial race in Florida is likely to be very strongly contested, what might possibly happen?

We think that Mitch McConnell’s statement on the Senate floor is well worth reading. Yes, some grassroots Patriots will criticize McConnell for not standing by Trump in the wake of the “fortified” 2020 election. That being said, in some ways, the rebukes he, Mitt Romney, and Sinema have delivered to the Left will resonate with Americans in ways that comments from former President Trump aren’t going to, and that may be good for the country in the long run.

But the congressional midterms are nine months away, and there are two more years beyond that until the next presidential election. During that time, grassroots Patriots will face the consequences of Biden’s most dangerous sentence. After all, how far would you be willing to go in a “battle for the soul of America” against modern versions of Jefferson Davis?