The Patriot Post® · Biden's DOJ Goes Easy on Leftist Insurrectionists

By Douglas Andrews ·

“This sh*t won’t ever stop until we f**kin’ take it all down,” said a young leftist lawyer and likely future Squad member named Urooj Rahman on May 30, 2020, at the height of the George Floyd riots in Brooklyn. She then added, “The only way [the police] hear us is through violence.”

Then she proceeded to pass out Molotov cocktails to the assembled rabble, and she demonstrated their destructive utility by tossing one into a police van outside the 88th Precinct stationhouse. “Molotovs rollin’,” Rahman allegedly responded in a text to her partner in crime, fellow lawyer Colinford Mattis. “I hope they burn everything down. Need to burn all police stations down and probably the courts too.”

That firebombing of a police vehicle: That’s a serious crime, no?

No. At least not in the two-tiered world of Democrat justice.

Rahman and Mattis were ultimately arrested during that “mostly peaceful” protest before attempting to flee the scene in Mattis’s van. As the editors of The Washington Free Beacon report, “They reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors in October 2020 that wiped out six of the seven charges against them. Those prosecutors, nonetheless, sought a maximum 10-year sentence and argued that the incident qualified for a so-called terrorism enhancement that would turbocharge sentencing — a determination with which the U.S. Probation Office concurred.”

But then the Biden Justice Department took over for the Trump Justice Department, and a funny thing happened on the way to Rule of Law. As the Beacon’s editors continue:

In mid-May, the same career DOJ prosecutors who argued for that 10-year sentence were back in court withdrawing their plea deal and entering a new one that allowed the defendants to cop to the lesser charge of conspiracy. It tosses out the terrorism enhancement entirely.

The new charge carries a five-year maximum sentence, but the prosecutors are urging the judge to go below that, asking for just 18 to 24 months on account of the “history and personal characteristics of the defendants” and the “aberrational nature of the defendants’ conduct.” Because, you know, Mattis graduated from Princeton and New York University Law School and was an attorney at the white-shoe law firm Pryor Cashman, and Rahman was a public-interest lawyer whose “best friend,” Obama administration intelligence official Salmah Rizvi, guaranteed the $250,000 required to release her on bail.“

Here, a question arises: Where’s Merrick Garland? Where’s Joe Biden’s attorney general? Remember, he’s the guy who during his confirmation hearings said, "The role of the Attorney General is to serve the Rule of Law and to ensure equal justice under the law.”

He’s also the guy who said of the January 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol, “I think this was the most heinous attack on the democratic processes that I’ve ever seen, and one that I never expected to see in my lifetime,” before adding that the investigation into the riot, and the rounding up of more than 700 mostly peaceful protesters, appeared to be “extremely aggressive and perfectly appropriate.”

So when overzealous Trump supporters storm the Capitol in protest of what they believed to be a rigged 2020 presidential election, the Garland Justice Department calls them “insurrectionists” and “domestic terrorists” and throws the book at them.

But when antifa thugs try to burn down a federal courthouse in Portland, or when a pair of hard-left Ivy League lawyers helps incite a riot and firebombs a cop car in Brooklyn?

Let’s remember this two-tiered system of justice today, especially, as House Democrats try to divert our attention from their myriad failures and instead try to sell us a shamefully one-sided work of historical fiction regarding the events of January 6.