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Obama's 'Republican Sequester' Setup

The NeoCom's Real Sequester Agenda

By Mark Alexander · Feb. 28, 2013
“He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and a third time, till at length it becomes habitual…” –Thomas Jefferson (1785)
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Addressing the National Governors Association this week, Barack Hussein Obama proclaimed, “At some point, we’ve got to do some governing. And certainly, what we can’t do is keep careening from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis.”

But Obama himself engineered his rapid political ascension – from junior senator in 2005 to president of the United States in 2009 – precisely by hopping “from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis.” Page one of his political playbook, authored by Rahm Emanuel, states: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste…crisis provides the opportunity for us to do things that you could not before.”

This unknown “community organizer” and disciple of hate, was mentored by avowed Marxists, who paved his way into the Illinois State Senate in 1997 and the U.S. Senate in 2005.

Virtually unknown, but backed by wealthy ultra-Leftists John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy, Obama won the presidential election in 2008 on a banking crisis precipitated by a manufactured mortgage crisis. He won a narrow re-election in 2012 based upon his tried-and-true manufactured classist disparity crisis.

Now Obama is setting up his Republican opponents for a big fall in 2014, based upon a manufactured “Republican sequester crisis.”

According to Obama: “Republicans in Congress face a simple choice: Are they willing to compromise to protect vital investments in education and health care and national security and all the jobs that depend on them? Or would they rather put hundreds of thousands of jobs and our entire economy at risk just to protect a few special interest tax loopholes that benefit only the wealthiest Americans and biggest corporations? That’s the choice. Are you willing to see a bunch of first responders lose their job because you want to protect some special interest tax loophole? … If [Republicans] allow this meat-cleaver approach to take place, it will jeopardize our military readiness; it will eviscerate job-creating investments in education and energy and medical research.”

The litany continues: “Emergency responders – their ability to help communities respond to and recover from disasters will be degraded. Border Patrol agents will see their hours reduced. FBI agents will be furloughed. Federal prosecutors will have to close cases and let criminals go. Air traffic controllers and airport security will see cutbacks, which means more delays at airports across the country. Thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. Tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find childcare for their kids. Hundreds of thousands of Americans will lose access to primary care and preventive care like flu vaccinations and cancer screenings. And already, the threat of these cuts has forced the Navy to delay an aircraft carrier that was supposed to deploy to the Persian Gulf. And as our military leaders have made clear, changes like this … affect our ability to respond to threats in unstable parts of the world.”

Despite feigning dramatic opposition to the “Republican sequester” in his national “Chicken Little” tour, both Obama and his congressional Democrat sycophants want sequestration to occur, so they can attempt to use it as a noose to hang Republicans ahead of the 2014-midterm elections. The undisputed master of deception and Demo-goguery, Obama is banking big political fortunes on the implementation of the much-debated 2.3 percent cuts to federal spending, reducing the growth of spending, not current allocations – a plan that Obama himself hatched – almost half of which are defense cuts.

This is precisely why Obama made Republicans an offer – more taxes and no spending cuts – that they can only refuse.

What’s that? You say you’re surprised by my analysis because Republican “leaders,” House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and their Beltway pundits, haven’t mentioned Obama’s real sequestration agenda? Well, they’ve been so busy taking their rebuttal cues from Obama that they missed his strategic agenda – at their imminent peril, and that of the nation.

Obama claims, “I’m not interested in spin, I’m not interested in playing a blame game.” But his “Republican sequester” political strategy is nothing more than spin and blame shifting, now that the shelf life for blaming George Bush has expired.

So, how does Obama’s ploy play out between now and 2014?

Once these cuts are implemented, Obama and his NeoCom cadres will blame the “Republican Sequester” for any and all ills between now and the 2014 midterm election. Obama knows that the net effect of his $150 billion payroll and income taxes hikes, on top of skyrocketing ObamaCare health insurance premiums, mounting debt and deep military cuts already enacted, will send the economy back into recession.

Thus, from sequester forth, every negative economic GDP or jobs report, which in reality demonstrates the continued planned failure of Obama’s socialist “recovery stimuli,” will be blamed on the “Republican Sequester.” Moreover, Obama will employ his classist “politics of disparity” playbook to blame sequester “cuts” for every runny nose in America, claiming the nation can’t “afford” even minuscule cuts to socialist welfare programs.

And make no mistake – in partnership with his public relations network, the Leftmedia and their MSM propaganda machinery, Obama may win the public opinion contest.

Obama’s sequestration protest is not about avoiding minuscule cuts to government growth because Republicans refuse to acquiesce to additional taxes, as they foolishly did in December.

Instead, Obama’s strategic objective is the evisceration of what’s left of the Republican Party in order that his Socialist Democratic Party can control the Executive and Legislative branches, and most of the Judicial branch, effectively rendering the constitutional pretense of checks and balances null and void.

That one-party control is a necessary component of the Obama agenda – breaking the back of free enterprise under the weight of increased taxes, regulations and trillion-dollar annual deficits, and “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

I’m sure the above assertions about Obama’s macro socialist agenda sounded strident and partisan – absurd perhaps – when I voiced them first back in 2008. If you’re among the shrinking ranks of those who still insist such assertions are too strident and partisan, then you have officially taken leave of your senses.

Despite all of Obama’s rhetoric concerning cuts in defense spending, those cuts are actually his highest priority. They punish a national-defense constituency that didn’t vote for him and leave intact entitlement programs that fund his government poverty plantation constituency breeding grounds.

In reality, though Obama increased overall spending by 20 percent in his first term, he has already cut more than $489 billion from the defense budget by canceling or delaying major weapons programs – the largest percentage cuts in military spending since 1972 – leaving our military understaffed and under-equipped. He has already ordered a cut in Army and Marine personnel by 200,000, a reduction in Naval warfare capacity by more than 230 ships (including two carrier battle groups), and a reduction in Air Force fighters from 3,600 to 1,500.

Right now, seven of our 10 carriers are docked, four of them like sitting ducks in Norfolk. (Hope nobody sinks a ship in the narrow Thimble Shoals channel between Norfolk and blue water.)

Again, those dramatic defense cuts are already in the works. How convenient that Obama will now blame national security and economic consequences on the “Republican Sequester”!

Of course, Obama’s strategy depends upon his false assertion that sequestration is a Republican idea: “The sequester is not something that I’ve proposed,” he claims. “It is something that Congress has proposed.” His former budget director, Jack Lew, supports this fabrication: “It was very much rooted in the Republican congressional insistence that there be an automatic measure.”

But amid the many voices rebutting Obama’s falsehood, one is gaining traction. The Washington Post’s most well-known investigative journalist, Bob Woodward, who exposed Richard Nixon’s role in Watergate, has accused Obama of “moving the goal posts” in his disingenuous negotiations with Republicans.

In a Post op-ed last week, Woodward made clear that sequestration was the “brain child” of the Obama administration: “My extensive reporting for my book ‘The Price of Politics’ shows that the automatic spending cuts were initiated by the White House and were the brainchild of [Jack Lew, then-budget director during the negotiations] and White House congressional relations chief Rob Nabors. … Obama personally approved of the plan for Lew and Nabors to propose the sequester to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). They did so on July 27, 2011.”

This week, Woodward told CNN that a “very senior person” in the Obama administration (National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling) warned, “You will regret staking out that claim.” While the context of that email did not seem overtly threatening, I am sure Woodward knows how to read between the lines. The Obama regime has a long history of these soft warnings to anyone in the Leftmedia who dares express a dissenting views.

Ignoring that warning, on Wednesday Woodward took Obama to the woodshed for publicly declaring that Obama was not sending a carrier in response to the current meltdown in the Middle East because of the pending sequestration. “Under the Constitution, the President is commander-in-chief and employs the force. And so we now have the President going out because of this piece of paper and this agreement. ‘I can’t do what I need to do to protect the country.’ That’s a kind of madness that I haven’t seen in a long time.”

Surely Woodward never actually believed Obama would honor in any way, shape or form, his oath to “support and defend” above his devotion to socialist partisanship?

Whether Obama can pull off his sequester setup is yet to be seen, but given the current “establishment leadership” of the Republican Party, his chances are good. He has ordered Boehner and McConnell to meet with him, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Friday morning – probably so he can then tell the nation Friday afternoon that the Democrats did their best to avert the economic decline caused by the “Republican sequester.”

The election of 2012 was, in the words of Thomas Jefferson, “between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude.” By a narrow margin, the latter stole the election, and we are now at the tipping point of Liberty.

Obama’s economic model is based on the Cloward-Piven strategy, a socialist scheme to overload the government welfare system to the point of crisis, requiring replacement of that system with a national system of “guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty.” This collapse is written into the genes of the debt load Obama has created, a burden that he anticipates will overwhelm free enterprise within the coming decade.

If Obama wins a socialist majority in the House in 2014, that model is all but guaranteed.

There will one day be a new morning in America, another Sunrise on Liberty, but in the meantime, we face some very dark years ahead.

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reelman in Vidalia said:

1...U cannot defeat the arrogant apostles of socialism by silence.
2...U cannot win minds being told by opponents how to describe them.
3...U cannot win by patty-caking around versus thug socialists.
4...U cannot win minds without learning how to question/debate.
5...U cannot win if you fear a national pawn media. (of arrogant dimwits)
6...U cannot win by voting for "no chance" folks for spite or not voting.
7...U cannot win w/o boring into the GOP and implanting TP folks.
8...U cannot win when u cannot define conservatism. (25 words or less)
9..U cannot win playing defense 90% of every minute every day.
10.U cannot win following losers at the top concerned only with 35 year careers.
11.U cannot win with backstabbing because that will be used against us all.
12.U cannot win by 99 confusing different messages...try 3 daily for at least a week, there is no sin in "talking points".


Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 11:59 AM

Git R Dunn in Alabama replied:

U cannot win if both "parties" are owned by the same Elitist Banksters!

U cannot win . . . period


Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 1:25 PM

Frank T Pishl Jr in St Petersburg FL replied:

BUT We Gotta WIN!!! We Have No Other Recourse! WE ARE NOT JUST SHEEPLE...WE ARE AMERICANS!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 10:27 PM

Wilson in Illinois replied:

Unfortunately, at this time, just over 50% of Americans are sheeple.

Friday, March 1, 2013 at 2:27 PM

Rubee_s in Leucadia replied:

Right on.
"Traditionalists will have to master techniques of sustained activism formerly monopolized by the left." Christopher Lasch

We surely aren't learning the lessons of the past. Silence allowed the rise of the most tyrannical leaders and mass murders. Holocausts: Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and many more leaders killing: Armenians, Bosnians, Tutsi (Rawanda), Darfur, and so many more.

It's easier to isolate oneself and hide, playing games on the iPads, cells, be diverted from REALITY by reality shows. Playing patty-cake is less threatening. And what is the worse curse is the fact the public is now allowing the MSM to get away with only showing snippets of news to support their agendas in the power and money grab. Pushing one crisis after another. Look how fast Benghazi has been forgotten. (Tragedy of Tragedies)

As Dr. Benjamin Carson said: ...""The PC [Politically Correct] Police are out in force at all times ... We have to get over this sensitivity ... " ..."PC muffles people. It puts a muzzle on them."....

It is time for the masses, who are working hard to survive, to pay attention and become the offensive. However, will it happen? I don't know, however, I keep my shouting with hopes that eventually the whispers will become a roar, awakening the sleeping giant, and rudely pull the star struck out of the mire of adoration of the pied Piper leading the sheeple over the hill into the surreal ethos of Never Never Land of socialism.

Socialist ideology has failed and is failing in Europe and we, the People are paying enough attention and allowing the elected officials to lead us down the same path.

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 2:24 PM

Clueless in Wisconsin replied:

We shall all sing LOUDER as the trains pass . . .

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 2:46 PM

John Darnall in Duluth, GA said:

Obama creates sequestration and then blames his political opponents for the problem - much like the Democrats were doing before Obama appeared on the scene.

The problem now is that his supposed opponents are actually behaving as his allies. There is no difference in the Democrats and Republicans in Congress or elsewhwere in the federal goavernment, but for a handful of exceptions.

This is treason, pure and simple. Obama and the Congress are pushing this country farther and farther from our Constitution and should each be held accountable. Unfortunately the Supreme Court does not have the fortitude to stand for the Constitution.

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12:01 PM

J in AZ replied:

Now hundreds of years old, I believe the Constitution is either dying or already dead....

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 6:59 PM

Frank T Pishl Jr in St Petersburg FL replied:

We can only hope, J in AZ, that it is neither dying or already dead!

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 10:34 PM

RedLeg in M"boro said:

You are confusing facts with emotion. I remember an interview by in 2008. The person, supposedly, was Barry's college instructor. The instructor said Barry was very straight forward and had no drama about him; and that Barry's nickname was, 'No Drama Obama". I do not know what metric that instructor is using for drama, but odumma has been nothing but drama. I can't find anything in his life that displays anything but drama.

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12:01 PM

JamieC in KY replied:

BO is definately a drama queen!

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 1:25 PM

Frank T Pishl Jr in St Petersburg FL replied:

Only missing his tutu!

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 10:36 PM

JWH in "The Republic of Texas" said:

How about a bit of history?

On Feb. 27, 1933, Germany's parliament building, the Reichstag (RYKS'-tahg), was gutted by fire. Chancellor Adolf Hitler, blaming the Communists, used the fire as justification for suspending civil liberties.

Pol's using lies to control the people is nothing new! Study history in order to understand the present.

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12:08 PM

Scott in Bradenton fl replied:

To say nothing of Fdr's culpability in the Pearl Harbor bombing or Churchill's removing naval escorts fron the Lusitania.
Inciting the public to War by sabotage and subterfuge is nothing new.
Fool me twice....

Monday, March 4, 2013 at 4:47 PM

Helmut Knipp in Texas said:

obama is an empty suit without any experience in anything. the cabal that helped him get elected is made up of far left socialist/communist ideologes
that has an agenda of destroying the United States of America as we know and love it. he is indeed the "great destroyer" and Republicans in congress are the only defense we have against his destructive policies. Republicans have to become much more assertive and aggressive because he wants to destroy not only the USA, but the Republican party as well. you simply cannot deal or negotiate with an unreasonable person. democrats who go along with this should be ashamed of themselves........we as the American People must take control of the Senate and increase control in the house in 2014.

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12:08 PM

Jim Wright in Arvada, CO replied:

I agree with your premise, however we also have the weakest congress that I can remember in my lifetime. They refuse to act because they might become even more unpopular and lose their career. We need to change congress for the same reason a diaper needs changing. The founding fathers established this government system with three separate branches that have checks and balances for specifically this kind of situation. We are supposed to have a free press for the same reason, however with a congress that won’t act and a congress that is allied with the democrats this is what we get. Elections have consequences and so does allowing the left to run ramped in our schools for sixty years.

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12:22 PM

gerry sinclair in Gold Coast , Australia replied:

You bascically have a problem of two Bs - one side with no brains, and the other with no balls.

For the country this is a huge a problem, for the individual it is easy - leave the country.

Unless you are of red indian descent all your forefathers did excatly that at one time and in some cases for the same reason.

Love to see you in Australia where you can help us ensure that is what is happening to you does not happen to us.

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 7:55 PM

Honest Abe in North Carolina replied:

Jim, you are so wrong. What I say, on or off the teleprompter, does not necessarily reveal who I am. I must be elusive in order to deceive people like you. However, after I destroy the old America and re-make it according to my vision, then you will come to know who I really am. Just be patient, we have plans for everybody.

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 10:03 PM

Jim Wright in Arvada, CO said:

I'm sorry but you are incorrect about Mr. Obama's actual belief system. He is more of a fascist than a socialist. If, as a socialist or a real Marxist, Mr. Obama actually took ownership of the means of production he would also have to take responsibility when they fail. As a fascist the ownership of the means of production never changes, however Mr. Obama controls through imperial edict, intimidation, and taxes how those assets are used. The outcome is the same, they will fail, and the method and ability to blame someone else is the difference. If you look at Mr. Obama's actions and listen to the times when he is off prompter so you hear his words you will see his real intent and find out that Mr. Obama is not very smart.

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12:14 PM

mike graves in Burbank, CA said:

I know you are right. In So Ca, nearly everyone is completely clueless, and if I even talk about these historic deficits, or ask who is going to pay it back, they don't want to hear it.
And I believe you are correct regarding the effort to destroy the Republican Party....

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12:16 PM

freeper in DE said:

After years of bald-faced lies, why would anyone believe anything this person says?

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12:18 PM

Clueless in Wisconsin replied:

Because I get free stuff? DUH. Got Obamaphone?

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 2:40 PM

Brett Organ in Tulsa said:

Most everyday Americans who tend to side with Republicans, or at least conservatives, in these battles with Obama, are repeatedly frustrated that the Rs always seem to wimp out or just flat out lose every battle. But, how many times do we have to witness these repeated displays of weakness and cowardice before we decide that the Republican establishment is not (only) incompetent, but secretly complicit in the decline of American exceptionalism and liberty? In which case, I would ask which kind of lie is worse, the ones that liberals tell out of moral pre-disposition, or the ones that supposed friends of liberty have been telling us?

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12:19 PM

mary parasiliti in Las Vegas said:

it is time Obama got off the campaign trail and started doing what he was elected to do. God knows he did nothing in the first 4 years except cause more trouble and hardship.

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12:22 PM

PK in SC said:

All but the low information crowd and the left wing kool-aid infused can see the hysteria churning going on here by Obama and his minions. True that the Repubs. do no have clean hands, but the left is off the charts here on gun control and this crisis that the WH suggested, sponsored, supported and threatened to veto anything that tried to stop the sequester. Now, sadly, the sequester is an orphan. No one will acknowledge parentage....

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12:24 PM

DS in Minneapolis said:

If the republicans had a candidate who could win, republicans in Washington who had some spine, a limited media who would report the facts, maybe things might be different. The republicans need a message, marketing skills, organizational skills and a spine. They don't even know who their republican voters in any state. Obummer knows every democrat voter and which house they live in. Get tough or get lost.

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12:24 PM

John Frields in Stafford, VA said:

I continue to believe Obama's fear mongering should be contrasted with FDR's message, i.e., "the only thing we have to fear is - fear itself." Obama engenders fear whereas FDR tried to stamp it out. Find the old FDR clip and use it. Best,

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12:27 PM

Sam Peterson in Wisconsin said:

Those who see the facts need to speak the facts - whether it is with our friends and neighbors or colleagues or more importantly with our ballots. The POTUS is taking us straight into a socialist downward spiral. Let the conservatives speak now and speak loudly so that we can remain the Proud and the Brave.

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12:32 PM

Terry Peterman in Westerville, Ohio said:

Think of the 85 billion as the first "installment" payment on the failed 800 billion-plus "economic stimulus" plan. Or a 10 percent down payment back to the U.S. taxpayers. Oh, and good luck collecting the remaining balance due. As for me, at midnight tonight I will be watching for planes falling out of the skies, illegal detainees running amuck,( carrying so-called assault weapons,( there should be laws preventing that) children eating lead paint chips, and Senior Citizens cast out into the streets. Good thing Joe gave me his double barrel shotgun.

Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12:33 PM